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Steve Austin says Pat McAfee can be a huge WWE star

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Steve Austin

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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin gushed over Pat McAfee’s work in the squared circle earlier this week. 

Here is everything you need to know.

Steve Austin claims Pat McAfee has the potential to turn into a WWE star

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin could not help but gush praises of Pat McAfee simply saying that he has the potential to have a massive career if he ever decides to join WWE full-time.

Austin on the other hand would certainly know the work of McAfee following the latter’s match at the WrestleMania 38 last year.

He said, ‘Pat has a natural feel for the business.’

He continued, ‘Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically, that match he had with [Austin] Theory was awesome.’

Moreover, he praised McAfee when he claimed his ‘Stone Cold’ Stunner when they crossed paths for their beer-filled meetup in the ‘Mania 38 ring.


Austin further mentioned that it was among the top three Stunners he has ever executed.

He mentioned, ‘I think he’s amazing.’

He continued, ‘He’s very entertaining. And, as a human being, I like him a whole lot.’

Pat McAfee is leaving a $120 million deal behind to join ESPN

Pat McAfee is supposedly reaching new heights in his sports broadcasting career and is opting to move The Pat McAfee Show to ESPN.

According to reports, the former Indianapolis Colts punter is also leaving a four-year deal with FanDuel which is estimated to be around $120 million.

Nevertheless, the series is slated to move to the channel this fall while McAfee will contribute to other ESPN shows and digital platforms. 

McAfee released a statement after the news broke of his show moving to ESPN.

He mentioned, ‘We are extremely honored that ESPN is blessing us with this opportunity to be a part of the next chapter of the ESPN family. We do not take that lightly and are going to work hard to make sure this is a success.’


He continued, ‘All parties involved agree the time has come for a bunch of sports stooges in a Thunderdome in Indiana to sprinkle in some fun and celebration of sport as well.’

McAfee also revealed that they will likely not change the style and the substance of the show despite its new home during ESPN’s presentation to advertisers earlier this week. 

He stated, ‘We ain’t changing a damn thing.’

He explained, ‘Every other word is good to go. … We won’t be doing that because it’s the middle of the day, but everything else will be good.’


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