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Stephen A. Smith Fires Back at Monica McNutt’s ‘First Take’ Comments: ‘Highly Offensive’

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Stephen A. Smith

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Stephen A. Smith isn’t letting Monica McNutt’s comments on “First Take” slide easily. On Monday night, Smith addressed the barbs traded on the ESPN show during a segment discussing the altercation between Caitlin Clark and Chennedy Carter. Smith’s attempt to highlight “First Take’s” extensive coverage of the WNBA and women’s sports was met with a pointed remark from McNutt that left him deeply offended.

“Stephen A., respectfully, with your platform, you could have been doing this three years ago if you wanted to,” McNutt retorted, a comment that clearly struck a nerve with Smith.

Later that night on his podcast, Smith dedicated a significant portion to rebutting McNutt’s claim while repeatedly expressing his admiration for her as a colleague. He emphasized his role as the executive producer of “First Take” and his efforts in promoting women’s sports and female analysts.

“To address Monica McNutt’s point, I found it very unfortunate that she would say that,” Smith began after expressing his irritation that Molly Qerim interrupted the heated moment to go to break. He then listed several female analysts, such as Chiney Ogwumike, Andraya Carter, and Kimberley Martin, who have been featured on the show, underscoring his commitment to diversity and equity.

Smith continued, “I challenge anybody to find a show on sports television that discusses women’s issues, the WNBA, or women’s sports and highlights female analysts more than ‘First Take.’ It’s been going on for years. We have black women, we have white women. Mina Kimes, let me not forget to mention her.”

He pointed out that he has taken considerable criticism over the years and found McNutt’s comments “highly offensive” and “factually incorrect.” Smith highlighted his role in hand-picking the diverse roster of “First Take” and expressed his displeasure at McNutt’s insinuation that he had not utilized his platform effectively for women’s sports.

“Stephen A. Smith: ‘Who talks about the WNBA, who talks about women, who talks about women’s sports more than First Take?’ Monica McNutt: ‘Stephen A., respectfully, with your platform, you could have been doing t his three years ago if you wanted to.’”


Despite his frustration, Smith was careful to frame his displeasure as specific to this disagreement, praising McNutt as a friend and colleague. He clarified that his critique was about her lack of knowledge regarding his efforts, not her integrity. “She must not have known. The WNBA, could I have done more? Well, guess what, Monica McNutt? I could’ve done less. Who’s done more?”

Smith also referenced WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert’s appearance on “First Take” in April, where she thanked the show for its coverage and support. He reiterated that his show has been a leader in promoting women’s sports and questioned where other voices had been during this time.

In conclusion, Smith emphasized that he remains a supporter of McNutt despite their disagreement and underscored his commitment to continuing to promote women’s sports on “First Take.”


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