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SEE- Taylor Swift Left Stunned: Jason Kelce’s Epic Reaction to Brother Travis’ Touchdown Steals the Show in Chiefs vs. Bills Playoff Game

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Taylor Swift was shocked after her boyfriend’s brother, Jason Kelce, ripped off his tee in celebration during a Kansas City Chiefs game. Recently, Travis Kelce’s family, including his girlfriend Taylor, attended his team’s match against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. In fact, Travis’ brother was caught in a celebratory mood during the game, leaving Taylor surprised.

Read ahead to learn more about Taylor Swift being shocked after Jason Kelce ripped off his tee in celebration during his brother Travis’ Sunday match.

Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce attend Kansas City Chiefs’ match with Buffalo Bills

Taylor Swift sparked dating rumors with Travis Kelce after being spotted attending his matches. She later confirmed her relationship with Travis in an interview. Ever since then, fans have eagerly awaited seeing Taylor attend the Kansas City Chiefs’ matches.

This Sunday, Taylor was seen attending the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. However, it wasn’t Taylor Swift who caught everyone’s attention this time. Instead, it was Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother, who grabbed most of the attention during the Sunday match.

Jason Kelce rips off his tee in celebration during Travis Kelce’s match

It wasn’t just Taylor Swift who attended the Sunday match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Travis’ brother Jason Kelce, his wife Kylie Kelce, and the Kelce brothers’ parents, Donna and Ed, also attended the Sunday match.

One moment from the same match has gone viral on social media, as Jason Kelce was seen ripping off his tee in celebration. This happened when Travis scored a touchdown during the second quarter of the Sunday game.

Taylor Swift Amazed by Jason Kelce’s Reaction to Brother’s Touchdown

Singer Taylor Swift was present with Jason Kelce and his wife during the Sunday match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. However, the singer was left shocked when Jason Kelce ripped off his tee in celebration

after his brother scored a touchdown.

In fact, Swift covered her face with her hands when Jason went shirtless to celebrate. Fans of the new couple were quick to share their reactions on social media, with one fan writing, “Yes, queen, that’s your future brother-in-law.” Not to forget, Swift was spotted having a conversation with Jason and his wife as well.


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