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Ben Gordon’s mugshot gets released after McDonald’s attack

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Ben Gordon

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The mugshot of Ben Gordon is released supposedly after his recent arrest where he punched two security guards at McDonald’s in Chicago.

Here is everything you need to know.

Ben Gordon is arrested for punching McDonald’s guards

TMZ Sports recently shared a mugshot of Ben Gordon which is most likely taken following his arrest in Chicago.

In addition, the former NBA player appears to be alert and wide eyes in his latest released mugshot. Moreover, his eyes seem to be staring blankly into the camera as he poses for his mugshot.

If you didn’t know, Gordon was escorted out of a local McDonald’s on 4th November for allegedly hitting and shoving a 29-year-old male guard. 

Additionally, he is also accused of pushing a second  21-year-old male guard during the incident. However, the reason behind this altercation remains unknown as of now.

Ben Gordon
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Shortly after his arrest, he was booked under two misdemeanor battery charges including causing bodily harm.

As per reports, the 39-year-old former athlete will appear for his first court which is scheduled to take place next month.


Gordon’s recent arrest joins the growing list of his off-court-related problems. He was taken into custody for punching his son but was released on bail. However, after his release, he was once again detained for his connection to a 2020 assault case in Manhattan.

 Ben Gordon is arrested for smacking his son at an airport

The Queens district attorney’s office reported that six witnesses claim to have seen Ben Gordon punching his son multiple times in the face for dropping a book.

According to reports, he was traveling with his young son in New York when the incident took place at LaGuardia Airport.

Furthermore, an American Airlines staff member was among the witnesses and was the one to inform the cops of Gordon’s alleged attack against his son. 

The former Chicago Bulls shares his ten-year-old son, Elijah with his 32-year-old former fiance Sascha Smith.

The complaint stated that Gordon allegedly hit Elijah with a ‘closed fist, smacking the victim in the face.’

Moreover, the reports mention that the ex-shooting guard tried to resist the officer. He supposedly assaulted them when they attempted to put handcuffs on him.

Meanwhile, he was charged with several counts such as assault, resisting arrest, contempt, and child endangerment.

A short hearing took place on 14th October but was adjourned until December this year.


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