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Zherka and Heelmike: Kick Streamers Respond to Allegations of Involvement with Minors

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Zherka and Heelmike

Streamers Michael ‘Heelmike’ Peters and ‘Zherka’ have been at the center of a heated controversy following their permanent bans from the streaming platform Kick. The ban was imposed after an incident during a live broadcast where the two were seen interacting with teenagers, one of whom was later confirmed by her parents to be only 16 years old.

The incident occurred during a stream in which Heelmike and Zherka were hanging out with several teenagers. When a viewer raised concerns about the age of the girls, Heelmike responded inappropriately, saying, “I love [teenagers], so get the f*** out of here f****t.” Later, Heelmike posted a selfie that appeared to show him in bed with the same girl, captioned, “Zero regrets goodnight.” This post sparked outrage, with many labeling it as “insane.”

In response to the incident, Kick moved swiftly to ban both streamers for allegedly soliciting a minor. However, Heelmike and Zherka have both claimed they were set up and unaware of the girl’s actual age. They allege that a “trusted” worker named Abby orchestrated the situation to damage their reputations.


Heelmike took to X to defend himself, sharing a photo of the girl’s Florida driver’s license, which appeared to show she was 18. He also released a “secret recording” in which he is heard allegedly “kicking out the girls” and blamed Abby for setting them up. “She wanted fame so bad that she tried taking us down for it,” Heelmike wrote. He further lashed out at his accusers, calling them “stupid f***s” and maintained his innocence alongside Zherka.

Zherka, in his defense, also took to X, insisting he did “nothing wrong.” He stated that all necessary precautions were taken to verify the girls’ ages, including checking IDs by multiple people. “Abby clearly sniped us for clout on our off day and lied nonstop with a real ID of her friend’s sister that looks just like her,” Zherka claimed. He emphasized that any girls without verified IDs were asked to leave.

Despite their defenses, the streamers remain banned from Kick, and public sentiment has largely been against them. Comments on social media reflect strong disdain for their actions. One user remarked, “Nah you’re a pedophile. Lock this dude up,” while another demanded, “Bro, they [need to] be locked up immediately for this. This dead-ass disgusting.” Another commenter questioned the behavior of Kick streamers in general, asking, “What’s with Kick streamers messing around with minors… Like is it that hard to just date someone that’s your age?”

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the legal and social ramifications will impact Heelmike and Zherka’s streaming careers. For now, their reputations are severely tarnished, and the public’s trust in them appears irrevocably broken.


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