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Zhavia Ward Boyfriend: Are Zhavia and Emmanuel Lateju Dating?

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Zhavia Ward

Zhavia Ward is a talented American musician from Norwalk, California. She was born March 6, 2001, in Los Angeles, Calif, USA, and is now twenty years old. She grew in popularity after being among four finalists in Fox’s musical reality show The Four: Battle for Stardom.

Originally premiered on January 4, 2018. Zhavia rose to prominence and earned domestically and internationally fan bases after collaborating with Lil Pump and Diplo. In 2018, she made her debut song, ‘Say Something,’ 2018. Additional tracks by Zhavia include Killing Me Softly With His Music, Man Down, as well as memorable.

Ward got a deal with Record Labels in 2018 and continues to collaborate alongside them. Zhavia teamed featured Zayn Malik, including well pop artists of all time, with her most well-known track, ‘A Whole New World.’ Zhavia’s love engagements have also always piqued the interest of her admirers. Zhavia Ward isn’t really married now. As per reports, but she is romantically linked to her Instagram celebrity lover, Emmanuel Lateju. The pair formally announced their romance on their Social profiles, and that they are currently living a tranquil love life free of problems and issues.

Zhavia Ward

Zhavia Ward Dating: Boyfriend

Emmanuel Lateju is Zhavia Ward’s present boyfriend. When it comes to Zhavia’s relationship history, she has never really had a partner until Emmanuel Lateju. The pair began a relationship in March of 2018, but it has now completed 3 years and 2 months. On social networking sites, the pair often posts photographs of them around each other. They’ve made a series of media appearances, along with a joint presence at Coachella.

They are presently gushing their love outdoors and are really happy with one other. Zhavia additionally got tattoos of her lover with fairy wings, representing a really prominent person in her world. This surprised her admirers. Despite the fact that the tattoo is artistically outstanding, it was disliked by a small number of her followers. On the other side, she had a large number of supporters. Her lover, Emmanuel Lateju, apparently responded on her Instagram photo, saying, “I love you, this is really a lifelong thing,” which we pray is true.

Zhavia Ward and Emmanuel Lateju

According to reports, Zhavia enjoys playing the piano and guitar, which would be a great advantage for her singing career. She also enjoys applying her own makeup for fashion shoots. When asked regarding their preferences, it’s evident from her appearance that she enjoys bodily tattoos and piercings.

Zhavia too has always wanted to purchase her mom a luxury home. Since she is extremely attached to her and always has been there for her support. Zhavia’s mom is always spotted encouraging and motivating her daughter throughout her actions. Her mom, Bobbi Jo Black, was indeed the main vocalist of the hard rock band Xenoterra.


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