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YouTuber Karl Jacobs Opens Up About Terrifying Moped Accident and Shares Shocking Injuries

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Karl Jacobs



YouTuber Karl Jacobs recently revealed the moped accident that gave him injuries which he showed on a podcast episode. Karl has been growing popular on the internet with his content. While he has been trying a lot of things lately. He recently met with a moped accident leaving him with injuries. Karl even spoke about it in the podcast episode.

Read on to learn more about YouTuber Karl Jacobs as he shares the aftermath of his moped accident, revealing his injuries.

A little about Karl Jacobs

There have been many YouTubers on the rise lately and one of them is Karl Jacobs. Karl is best known as Minecraft YouTuber. He is also a member of MrBeast’s team and co-owns Misfits Gaming. Karl’s content makes him popular everywhere on the internet.

However, other than all of that Karl also does other things for fun. He was recently involved in a moped accident too. The moped accident even injured him, and he talked about the same lately on a podcast episode. But how did the accident happen?

Karl Jacobs and his moped accident

YouTuber Karl Jacobs recently met with an accident and suffered injuries for the same. The moped accident of Karl Jacobs happened when he along with Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound had gone for a drive together.

In the moped accident, Karl flipped backward causing him to slide across the road. In the whole process though Karl got some injuries which he talked about in the recent Banter podcast episode. He even showed his injuries sustained in the moped accident.

YouTuber Karl Jacobs shows his injuries from moped accident

Karl Jacobs was recently on the Banter podcast. In the 24th May episode of the podcast, Jacobs went on to talk about his moped accident and how it gave him some injuries as well. Karl went on to reveal how the accident happened. As George at the time of the accident was in a go-Kart.


However, when George put on the brakes, he didn’t realize Karl was close behind him. Though when Jacobs applied the brake, he flipped backward and went sliding across the road. Leaving the bike on top of Karl at the end. In the podcast episode, Karl showed the bandages on his body.

Describing the incident and showing his bandages he said “It could have been lot worse”. Not to miss, Karl didn’t want George to feel guilty for the whole thing. As it wasn’t something intentionally done.


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