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YouTube Bans Ad Blockers: Viewers Concerned Over Latest Update

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YouTube users are not happy over the site testing banning the ad blockers. Over the years, where YouTube has evolved with more numbers of users to it. The ads running on the site too have risen a lot. That at times is too annoying for the users. However, ad blockers did help the users in avoiding those. But it seems like it won’t work in the future now.

Read ahead to know more about YouTube users unhappy with site testing banning ad blockers.

YouTube and its growth over the years

YouTube has been one of the top social media sites. That has about more than 2 billion users to it. The site has served as a big platform for content creators over the years making many of them a star. However, with the passage of time, the site has even made some changes to it.

YouTube has brought ads to be run on most of the videos. That has made the users of the site to be little annoyed because of that. Some of the ads that run on the channels of videos cannot be skipped and some are even of more duration making users wait to watch a video.


YouTube testing banning ad blockers

With billions of users on the YouTube site, most of them seemed to be annoyed with constant ads on the channels. However, what came to their rescue to avoid such annoying ads was ad blockers. Ad blockers gave users on YouTube to watch videos without ads popping up every now and then.

Yet, recently some of the users of YouTube using ad blockers reported that they were shown a message on the site “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube”. Well, it happened because YouTube has been testing banning the ad blockers on the site.

Users’ Reaction on YouTube testing banning ad blockers

Since it was reported, YouTube has been testing banning ad blockers on the site. There have been reactions from all on social media flooded. YouTube users are certainly not happy with YouTube banning the ad blockers on the website. As it would make their experience with ads back like before.

One of the users on Reddit wrote: “One ad before each video was fine, but they got greedy and started playing multiple unskippable 30-second ads”. Not to miss, YouTube had even come up with YouTube Premium back in 2015 which allows users to bypass the ads for a monthly pay. Although, users are surely not going to welcome banning ad blockers easily.


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