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Will Elon Musk Restore Donald Trump’s Account on Twitter?

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Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk was successful in acquiring Twitter. With the entrepreneur taking over the social media giant the question arises whether Musk will reinstate Donald Trump on Twitter?

On Monday, the company stated that they have accepted Musk’s $44 billion plan to take Twitter private.

Consequently, the world’s richest person will soon hold the key to a social network that is used by over 200 million users every day.

The announcement of Musk taking over Twitter sent a jolt of thrill among several Pro-Trump Republicans. Members of congress such as Marjorie Greene along with Jim Jordan are delighted as they believe Musk may reinstate some of the ‘censored’ accounts. 

Here’s everything you need to know.

Elon Musk

Will Elon Musk Reinstate Donald Trump?

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has not yet revealed whether he would allow former President Donald Trump to return on Twitter.


USA’s ex-President, Trump was permanently banned from the social media platform following the riots at the Capitol on 6th January. Many people outside the loyal majority of the Republicans have partly accused Trump of inciting violence. He was even banned from Facebook later which left him with no access to the two greatest social media services in today’s Anglophone world.

Regardless, Mr. Trump mentioned that he will not return to Twitter even under Musk’s new ownership. On the contrary, Trump will formally join his own app named TRUTH Social, he further told Fox News on Monday.

The former president said that he won’t return to Twitter since he finds it ‘boring’, he said during an interview with Americano Media last week.

Many observers however are betting that Musk will restore Trump’s after he gains control of Twitter.

Musk will probably reshape the discourse of Twitter. He has revealed that he wants to change the social app into a network that will support the users to shade their unbridled expressions.


Even under Musk’s management, Twitter may have been urged to lift the ban if Trump decides to run for a presidential election. He however is the most likely candidate to become the GOP nominee in 2024.

Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal has previously stated that Trump’s account won’t be restored. He further added that even if Trump runs as a presidential candidate his account won’t be restored.

Trump on the other hand must be facing quite a trouble to resist the siren song of Twitter. He once used to post unfiltered tweets to his nearly 89 million followers.


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