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Why is Russia banning Instagram? Russian government advised citizens to use Russian build versions of the app

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Russian regulators announced on Friday that internet users in the nation will be unable to access Instagram. The social media site is being used to instigate anti-Russian military violence. National access to Instagram will be prohibited. according to Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications and media regulator. As the latest attempt by Moscow to restrict access to foreign social media platforms. It is disseminating “calls to perform violent crimes against Russian individuals, particularly military personnel,” according to the report. According to Roskomnadzor, Meta spokesperson Andy Stone tweeted on Thursday. The firm had “made exemptions for forms of political language that would ordinarily breach our guidelines on violent speech.

The website will be deactivated

Meta Platforms indicated last week that it would allow social media users in Ukraine to post slogans. Even like “Death to the Russian Invaders.”Instagram users in Russia have been told that the site would be shut down at midnight on Sunday. People should relocate their photographs and videos off of Instagram before it is shut down. According to an email from Russia’s official communications regulator, and instead, use Russia’s own “competitive internet platforms.”


The reasons behind Meta’s Instagram ban in Russia

The restriction was enacted in response to the app’s decision to enable Ukrainian people to post slogans. Such as “Death to Russian Invaders” on the app. According to CNBC, Russian authorities have chosen to file a criminal complaint against the app. Its parent firm, Meta Platforms Inc, for “calls to perform violent crimes” against the Russian military. According to a government official, “A criminal prosecution has been opened in connection with unlawful demands. Death and violence against Russian Federation residents by employees of the American business Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram.”

Isolated from the rest of the world

Emotions were running high on the site on Sunday among Russians who were about to lose thousands of dollars in advertising money as well as access to millions of followers acquired over the years. “I’m writing this message right now while sobbing,” Olga Buzova, a Russian reality television personality, said, expressing her hope that “it’s all not true and we’ll stay here…”The Instagram ban is the latest example of how Russia’s populace is becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world as a result of Moscow’s aggression towards Ukraine. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated the invasion in February, the situation has deteriorated.


As part of a wider attempt to quell domestic dissent in reaction to the conflict, his administration has shut down Russia’s opposition-oriented radio and television networks. Thousands of Russians have been detained for protesting the invasion…. Perhaps no action is more isolating than banning Russians from social media networks that connect them to other users all around the world. According to business research firm Statista, Instagram had approximately 60 million users in Russia in 2021, accounting for about 40% of the country’s population. Users may earn money from sponsors by publishing promotional content on the network, which is a big revenue stream for them.


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