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Why Did ‘The Challenge’ Stars, Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett Break Up?

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Johnny Bananas, “The Challenge” veteran, and Morgan Willett who met and fell in love on the sets of “The Challenge: War of the World”, an MTV reality show is now broken apart. They have been in dating season for 2 years. 

Morgan Willett opened up on a website that, she is been an open book, yet after seeing things circulating around the internet; she wants to tell the truth that, “Johnny and Morgan Willett are no longer dating and no longer together”. Morgan Willett expresses, she is heartbroken, but thankful to finally know the truth. She feels so respected towards Johnny so she will take some time to heal from the after a break-up process. 

MTV Show ‘The Challenge’ Stars Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett


The “Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 winner” and MTV veteran, Johnny (John Devenanzio) recently posted a romantic trip picture with Willet; In August, after seeing the pictures of the trip to Santa Barbara in Cal, fans are witnessing a bigger shock; because of revealing breakup information right after the romantic pictures of the two. He added, Thanks to the fans who constantly supporting them. He will be back to share more in the future. Right now, she wants to spend some time with his family. 

Previously in 2019, Johnny and Morgan Willett fell in love when they were working together in an MTV reality show called “The Challenge: War of the World”. She always hesitates about dating John Devenanzio. Whereas, in the 2020 post, she says, he really does a great job with separating his professional and personal career and never mixing them up. She expresses that he is great at cracking jokes and he is a sweetheart to her and really affectionate towards her. 

The Instagram word fights:

In an Instagram post, fans admired when Morgan Willett’s caption said, Date Night done right, Can we just stay here forever? After that, there is been some distance. So, what really went wrong!, Fans, feeling down for them. 


Recently, Morgan Willett shared an Instagram story, saying that she is sad and feels betrayed. She added she leave the following day with a family vacation to Maui and now; she feels totally fraud if she disguises herself as happy and smiling in stories, this is how she truly feels. 

Subsequently, she is there, feeling like something is lost. Also, at times, she thinks her life could be easier if she is not in a public setting. If so, she could solve her own feelings without feeling any pressure about what people may think, but now, she has some pressure being a celebrity, she says. Whereas, Banana and Willet still follow each other on the Instagram platform. 


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