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Why Did Kate Jagdon and Luigi Gomez Split Up? Everything You Need To Know

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Kate Jagdon and Luigi Gomez

Recently, breaking news about Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Kate Jagdon split is getting viral over the virtual world. Fans are shocked after learning about the break-up. 

As per sources, the couple was dating until Beatrice Luigi Gomez won the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant. Kate Jagdon declared that they are splitting up just before a few days of Miss Universe 2021 pageant getting started. 

Kate Jagdon and Luigi Gomez: Reason Behind their Split

No such specific reason has been stated by any of the two regarding their break-up.

Kate announced that Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Kate Jagdon are no longer dating each other. In her Instagram story, Kate Jagdon tried to express her emotions as the whole week has been difficult to survive for her, and is trying to keep things private. She also stated that she is posting this story so that there will be no rumors that may arise after popping up the news about their split.  

The line that she wrote on her Instagram says, “Bea and I have parted ways. I am simply taking this step to move forward and go on with my life. Nothing more.”

Kate Jagdon and Luigi Gomez

Kate took a step forward to thank her fans, family, and friends before stepping towards the road of healing. She wished the best of luck to Beatrice Luigi Gomez and ask the public for respecting her privacy. She told the public that it is the last time she is addressed the issue to avoid any misunderstandings.

When Luigi Gomez won the crown of Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Kate congratulated her by putting an Instagram post on her account. She wrote, “The new Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez and the rest of her court, besting over 99 other candidates in the competition. Your journey of being authentic is an aspiration to every Filipino.”

Entire Statement by Kate Jagdon is Written Below

“These past few weeks have been the most difficult time of my personal life. It was a conscious decision to keep quiet, after all this is a personal matter and I chose my privacy above everything else.”


Then she added, “I don’t want to say anything more that fits anyone’s situation. This statement will be short before rumors and falsifications get out of hand. Bea and I have parted ways. I am simply taking This step to move forward and go on with my life will stop nothing more.”

Kate Jagdon and Luigi Gomez

She wrote more, “I can’t thank my family and friends enough for holding my hand during this difficult time and I know you will continue to do so as I take the road to healing. We all go forward with love and respect and I wish Bea the best of luck in our journey. At this moment please respect my privacy and this will be the last time I will address the issue thank you.”


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