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Why Did Julia Fox Slam Her Ex-Husband Peter Artemiev Before Getting Spotted With Kanye (Ye) In Miami

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Julia Fox

Julia Fox, 31-year-old, and Peter Artemiev entered into beautiful in 2018. After 2 years, in 2020 the couple decided to divorce each other. Actress and filmmaker, Julia Fox featured in headlines when she was spotted on a date. But with whom? She was spotted with the former beau of Kim Kardashian, rapper Kanye West. Some days ago, there was news about West, now called Ye, trying to get back with Kim. But after this cozy dinner date with Fox, nothing us clear!

The two were in Miami over the weekend and had a cozy dinner date at Carbone. It is a Miami-based restaurant. She did encounter some paparazzi at the beach. One of them then asked that will she meet the rapper again? To this, she said that she does not know about this as per the sources.

Before this much-talked-about date, the Italian American actress slammed her husband and baby daddy. Peter Artemiev, who is a private pilot married Fox in 2018 November. The couple welcomed their newborn son in 2021 on February 14. She slammed him to remind him that he have a son to take care of. Fox even called Peter a deadbeat alcoholic drug addict dad in two days on Instagram. She shared more through her official Instagram handle.


Why Did Julia Fox Slam Her Ex-Husband Peter Artemiev?

In a series of Instagram stories near Christmas, the Uncut Gem actress shared the pictures of her former husband. She accused Peter of being absent near the festive season. Fox was irritated and showed wrath for Peter in her stories. As per sources, she called Peter a deadbeat alcoholic drug addict dad in stories. Fox also claimed that he can be at Lucien, Paul’s, Casablanca, the streets, etc. She also stated that the person who supports him is her target.

Fox stated in her storied that Peter left her with a 5-months-old son, a dog, a home, and unpaid bills. she said that is not so fair and very wrong. Julia wished that Peter should come home in the holiday season to spend with family and take some responsibilities.

Julia Fox
Photo by Page Six/Instagram@juliafox

Julia Fox said that she can not do it anymore and do not want to upset her son because his dad is not present. She does not want to let her kid know that his dad loves alcohol and partying more than him. A source close to Peter denied all the allegations. As per sources, he is not that horrible father and loves his kid.

Peter Artemiev Reaction

As Peter Artemiev acknowledged the allegations of him being a bad parent, he decided to raise his voice. As per sources, Peter said that he was saddened to know about the utterly false statements. Julia Fox, co-parent shared these on social media who are clearly struggling. Peter further stated that out of respect for her privacy concerns and to protect our child, he will not comment on it. 


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