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Who was Marcus Lamb? Televangelist & Anti-vaccine Dies At 64 | What Is The Cause Of Death?

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Marcus Lamb

Marcus Lamb, Texas televangelist, a vocal anti-vaxxer, and founder of Daystar Television Network, died at the age of 64. The cause of death has not been specified but he tested a positive for Covid-19.

Who was Marcus Lamb?

Marcus Lamb was born on October 7, 1957, in Cordele, Georgia in the U.S. He started preaching at the age of 15. At the age of 16, Lamb enrolled in the Tennessee-based Christian university in Lee University, Cleveland where he studied BA. Lamb then graduated three years later. Marcus married Joni Trammell in 1982. Joni belongs to Greenville, South Carolina. The couple lived in Dallas. Lamb and Joni have three children. Marcus Lamb has a net worth of $10 million.

Lamb started the channel WMCF-TV in Alabama which was the first Christian channel in Alabama. But he sold the company. Lamb founded “Word of God Fellowship” which later on got the name Daystar Television Network. It is the second-largest Christian Television Network in the world. Marcus Lamb admitted on the Daystar Network of being involved in an extra-marital affair. But it has been ended several years before. Later the couples reconciled with help of marriage counselors. It took them time to heal their relation adequately. They kept the matter private. Lamb shared this story publicly after three women asked for $7.5 million for silence on his extra-marital affair. Lamb did not pay anything and disclosed his story publicly.

Marcus Lamb

How Did Marcus Lamb Died?

64 Old, Marcus Lamb died on Tuesday after battling with Covid-19. Lamb’s son Jonathan and his wife confirmed the news themselves on Daystar Television. The family further asked their privacy to be respected as it is a difficult time and a huge loss for the family. Lamb frequently railed against Covid 19 vaccines mandates on his show.


Marcus Lamb’s condition was explained by his wife. After getting diagnosed with Covid, Lamb caught Covid Pneumonia. Marcus did keep a check on his diabetes. Numerous protocols were attempted. Her wife added, nothing worked, and eventually, his heart gave out. The oxygen level decreased and caused the blood to spike.

Jonathan Lamb, son of Marcus Lamb posted the photos of him and his father with a tweet. Jonathan tweeted, he is going to miss his father. His father has golfed every week with him for the last 15 years. Marcus Lamb’s son further added, his father taught him a righteous way to live and Marcus must have been welcomed by heaven’s gate with an appreciation for his good deeds. The family asked for a personal space to grieve for the difficult loss.



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