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Who is Valerisssh on TikTok? Ukrainian girl living in bomb shelter Video Goes Viral

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In the midst of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, a Ukrainian girl ‘Valerisssh’ has taken to social media to share videos of a bomb shelter for her family and shelled-out Chernihiv. Within two weeks of Putin initiating a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the youngster has gained more than 300,000 followers.

TikTok sensation amidst the war-time crisis

After sharing videos of her life in the shelled-out city of Chernihiv, a Ukrainian girl under the name Valerisssh became an unexpected sensation on TikTok. Her audience gets a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing warfare in the war-torn country of Ukraine. Moreover, they get a picture of the war’s impact on civilian life in Ukraine as well. Currently, she lives with her mom, dad, and pet dog in the family’s underground bomb shelter. A video of hers titled “My Typical Day In A Bomb Shelter” has garnered 22 million views. It appears that Russian airstrikes have caused the family to hunch down in their below-ground bunker.


Ukraine never forget it🇺🇦

♬ Alice in Wonderland – Joanna Wang

@Valerisssh‘s videos shows a picture of the ongoing crisis

In her TikTok videos, she hangs out with her mom cooking, playing with her dog, drying her hair, all while facing adversity with a twist. Additionally, her TikTok videos primarily feature sarcasm and humor in their captions and titles. On one of the clips, the Ukrainian wrote, “Living my best life thanks to Russia! #ukraine #stopwar #russiastop”.

Moreover, the sensation flaunts the bomb shelter’s gym in a separate video set to Future and Gunna’s rap song ‘pushin P’. She makes a joke that it is actually a 5-star luxury hotel. A visible remnant of a shelled-out city with piles of rubble serves as her background in her videos.


I can’t believe🥲

♬ original sound – anna paul &lt3

It is now no secret that the young TikTok sensation has gained a large number of followers. Above all, her followers are the people who are interested to know more about the Ukrainians’ lives in wartime. People comment on @Valerisssh’s account to offer support and prayers for the lives of Ukrainians in the real-time crisis situation.


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