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Who is Trevor Jones? How the Ex ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Contestant Died?

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Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones, a previous Millionaire Matchmaker participant, died earlier in the month. He was 34 years old at the time.
Jones died certainly unexpectedly on Oct 9 from such an incident connected to Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A condition that affects a person’s connective tissue. And, therefore, can damage the lining of blood arteries, as per his loved ones. “Trevor was the kind of individual who created an impression on the public even without attempting.

He was honest, helpful, and amusing, and he constantly sought to help others. Moreover, GoFundMe effort for his family may be seen here.
“With only a glance or a few phrases. Trevor seemed to have the ability to make anybody grin, smile. Or feel more relaxed,” the page continues.

Millionaire Matchmaker Show

Patti Stanger, a matchmaking expert who has moreover relocated her practice from Los Angeles to New York. Certainly finds it difficult to balance her private affairs and her matching firm. Millionaire’s Club, which is committed to supporting affluent and ambitious males and females discover the spouse of their desires.


She further employs each tactic in the book to help her consumers discover Mr. or Miss Right. Patti with her staff, which comprises COO Destin Jude Pfaff. He certainly oversees all areas of the organization, and previous office attendant Rachel Federoff. She is furthermore the VP of Matchmaking, highlighting customers on dates. Set up by Patti and along with her team.

Trevor Jones Wife: Family and More

Jones is living with his wife Cherrie and their six-month-old daughter Finley. Whom family members are regarded as the “most impactful” elements of life.
Friends and relatives commented, “Trevor absolutely adored his two girls like nothing else in the universe. And made a conscious effort to ensure that everybody knows it equally.”. Jones’ buddy Travis Lubinsky stated in a YouTube video. Dedicated in his honor saying his passing was “very terrible and shocking.”

Trevor Jones

“I’ve been unhappy and irritated for the past several days. But I believe Trevor really wants us to commemorate his life throughout this scenario “Lubinksy went on to say. Jones made an appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker’s eighth season.


The revelation of his demise “much upset” Patti Stanger. Who presented the program until 2015, who said that she was “truly grieved.”
“A few of the sweetest romantic partners on the program was Trevor,” she added. “It’s difficult to recall each individual dater form of the program, but I do recall him. He was beautiful and attractive, and he’ll be much remembered.”

Jones recently appeared on CNBC’s The Profit. Wherein he presented Flex Watches. A firm that contributes a percentage of every watch sales to numerous NGOs and charitable companies. 


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