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Who is Tanner Buchanan’s Girlfriend? Addison Rae’s Co-Star wows fans

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Tanner and Addison

With the release of He’s All that, fans have been admiring the chemistry of Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae. They are looking so adorable together in the recent release on Netflix. This has made fans curious about Tanner’s girlfriend. Their excitement to know everything about Tanner is sky-high. What adds fuel to the fire was their steamy kiss! When Tanner and Addison were spotted together during MTV Awards.

Who is Tanner Buchanan’s Girlfriend?

Well, considering the report of Pop Buzz, actress Lizze Broadway is the lucky girl Tanner is dating these days. The sources say they have been together since 2017.

However, we could analyze this thing from their social media profiles as for many other actors we do. But in this case, Lizze is not actively present on her social media handles. Whereas, Tanner only uploads pictures and videos related to his on-set life. It seems like the couple is very protective of their privacy and wants to keep it private.


But as it’s said you can’t hide completely from Social Media. Lizze posted a story supporting Tanner for his award show. She put his picture and wrote, “Bring me popcorn”. This somehow shows us bonding of the couple. But both of them have been silent when it comes to their relationship. None has accepted it publicly.

Tanner and Addison

Steamy Kiss of Tanner and Addison Explored

To everyone’s surprise, that MTV Award night kiss between Tanner Buchanan and Addison Rae aroused speculations. Fans started thinking that they might be dating each other. Also, they looked perfect and gave all the couple vibes.


But coming back to reality, Tanner and Addison both are happy in their respective relationships. As already mentioned, Tanner is dating Lizze Broadway whereas Addison is in a relationship with Omer Fedi.

When Tanner and Addison came to the stage to announce the winners for best kiss, they shared a kiss which left people awestruck. Apart from fans who showed their quick reaction, Addison’s ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall also reacted. At first, he wrote– “Sucks, but moving on.” Adding to this he wrote– “I’m going to fully focus on myself and shut everyone the fuck up on June 12th.”

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