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Who is Steven Ruiz? Former Live-In Chef Of Antonio Brown | Why he Accuses him?

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Steven Ruiz

It’s nothing new for Antonia Brown to make headlines. His former live-in chef, Steven Ruiz has accused the player to obtain a fake covid-19 vaccination card. The chef also accuses the player’s girlfriend of the same. Read the complete story here!

Who Is Steven Ruiz?

Steven Ruiz, based in Los Angeles is a chef by profession as well as the owner of TasteThatLA. His firm provides the services into catering and saucier. According to the official website of his company, before starting his own venture, he has worked for seven years in West Hollywood at Michelin-Star Rated Gordon Ramsay’s. As per the reports, the chef met the couple last summer at a party in LA. It also added that Ruiz was more than a personal chef for the duo. He also claimed that he was close to the couple.

Steven Ruiz

As per some reports, the reason behind such allegation is the dues that Antonio has to pay to the chef. The American football wide receiver at Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a history of unpaid bills. And he owes 10 thousand dollars to Steven Ruiz.


For the shreds of evidence, the former live-in chef shared the screenshots of the conversation between him and the player’s girlfriend. To which Cydney denies. In one of the messages in the screenshot, Cydney offers money to Steven and says Ab( Antonio Brown will pay $500 for securing a fake vaccination card). Ruiz claims that he has driven a car for the player running errands and accompanied him for a fight in Las Vegas in July, this year.

Steven Ruiz Accuses Antonio Brown For Fake Vaccination Card

Ruiz said while accusing the player that he was unable to obtain the covid-19 vaccination card. He saw fake vaccination cards just a few days before the commencement of Buccaneers Training Camp. Steven Ruiz claims that Antonio Brown showed him the cards and secured them a few weeks later. Steven Ruiz has allegedly accused Antonio Brown and his girlfriend too, Cydney Moreau of obtaining fake vaccination cards.

Antonio Attorney Denies Allegations

As per NFL spokespersons, Teams are accountable for the verification of players’ vaccination status. The vaccination card presented by the player would be reviewed under the Personal Conduct Policy. In the past, Broon was suspended from eight games for multiple incidents as per the policy rules.


The player was tested covid-19 positive as well and missed many events and showed absenteeism from the team. The agent from The Buccaneers declined to comment on this. On November 8th, the lawyer of Brown, Sean Burstyn met Ruiz in order to resolve the dispute. In return, the chef asked for the money that the player owes. For the past ten days from that day, Ruiz did not hear any word from him regarding this.

The attorney denies the allegations by the chef. He added that everyone should be like Brown and get vaccinated. The Buccaneers shared an update on Twitter by posting that they reviewed the vaccination card presented by Brown and found no irregularities.


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