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Who is Rocky Dodson? Arkansas principal charged for murder of his wife “Amanda Dodson”

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Rocky Dodson

For the killing of his wife Amanda Dodson, Rocky Dodson held charged with second-degree murder. A high school administrator, arrested and charged with murder in the death of his wife. Deputies rushed to a residence in Omaha, Arkansas. In regard to the death of 36-year-old Amanda Dodson, according to a news statement from Boone County Sheriff Tim Roberson. According to Roberson, the inquiry and conclusions of the medical examiner showed evidence that she died from a “serious injury.”

The incident’s background

According to authorities, a high school principal in Arkansas held detained and charged with the murder of his wife. Rocky Dodson, the 52-year-old principal of Omaha High School in Boone County, Arkansas. He held detained in Omaha. A tiny town approximately 15 miles from Harrison and the Missouri state line, over the weekend. Mr Dodson’s arrest was the outcome of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation. Into the murder of his wife, Amanda Dodson, 36, according to a news statement issued on Thursday.

Rocky Dodson

On Sunday, deputies, and detectives were dispatched to a home in Omaha in connection with Amanda Dodson’s death. According to the news release, “material linked to a serious injury. That caused her death, revealed in combination with the investigation. ” Rocky Dodson, according to Prosecuting Attorney David Ethredge, held charged with second-degree murder if he hasn’t already been. For the time being, Ethredge claimed the matter is closed.

Evidence of a severe injury

Evidence linked to a significant injury. That caused her death, revealed in conjunction with the investigation and the medical examiner’s conclusions,” the sheriff’s office said. “Amanda Dodson’s husband, Rocky Dodson, held charged with second-degree murder as a consequence of the inquiry.”


More details about the murder mystery

Ms Dodson’s death kept under wraps for the time being. Her husband, held by the Boone. County Sheriff’s Department is on pending bail and placed on administrative leave, according to Arkansas Online. Mr Dodson, placed on administrative leave, according to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, for the protection of kids. Staff and students have both received counselling. The coach of Omaha High School’s boys’ basketball team has also been accused.


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