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Who is Renata Ri? Russian TikToker’s Racist Interview Video Goes Viral

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Renata Ri

Renata Ri, a Russian TikTok star, recently got into trouble after one of her interview videos went viral, in which she allegedly said “ugly black males.”

Renata’s fans scolded her on Twitter for allegedly uttering racist remarks. The actress has previously been accused of racism and cultural appropriation. This time, though, there has been a significant amount of pushback.

Faced with reaction, the TikToker apologized on social media for her “hurtful” remarks.

Who Is Renata Ri?

Renata Ri, whose full name is Renata Valliulina, is a Russian TikTok celebrity for the uninitiated. On the site, the 18-year-old has over 13 million followers. And several of her videos have been seen over 10 million times.

On the app, her videos have received over 420 million likes.

The stunning redhead is also a well-known Instagram personality, with over 500,000 followers. The TikToker has stated in her videos that she grew up in Russia but now lives in the United States.

Explored Viral Interview Clip Of Tiktok Star

After a tape of her interview from a Russian show went viral, the TikToker found herself in hot water. The clip is part of an hour-long conversation with her that can be seen on her YouTube channel, A.


“I traveled for a year,” the celebrity supposedly claimed in a segment about her dating life. There was just ugliness in the form of black males. Despite the fact that the interview was conducted seven months ago, the video is just now gaining traction as Renata’s celebrity grows.

Many TikTok accounts and social media news outlets recently picked up the brief film, which angered many admirers. Renata is now being accused of being ‘racist’ by some of her supporters. As the outrage grew, the 18-year-old actress rushed to Instagram to say, “I would do a live to answer this, but my English isn’t great and this is a delicate issue, so I wouldn’t want to say anything in an inappropriate fashion [sic].”

“Whoever translated this interview did a terrible job,” she said. I was stating in Russian that I was stuck in a distant nation surrounded by foreigners, far away from my home.”

“Nowhere did I suggest anybody was ugly, nor did I ever express anything about anyone from a certain race being unattractive,” she writes, denying all of the charges. Russian speakers, on the other hand, do not agree with the TikTok star’s allegations. Meanwhile, based on Renata’s interview clips, another multilingual TikToker named ‘stacywilss’ created a video called ‘stacywilss’.

Influencer Accepts Responsibility For ‘hurtful’ Comments

Renata addressed the incident with a video apology on her TikTok account.


The TikToker says she’s reading from a script since she doesn’t make any mistakes or forget anything in the video, which has already surpassed one million views in a matter of hours.

@stacywilss #riwww @Renata #renatari #renatariw #interview #renatainterview ♬ original sound – stace

Renata Ri kept her word and said she didn’t say the n-word, alleging that “the recording going around was taken out of context.”

“I’m sorry for what I said, and there’s no justification.” “I was being snide throughout the interview,” the star claims.

“I know what it’s like to be despised for my race, and I would never be racist against anyone,” the 18-year-old said, revealing that she is a Tatar ethnic group member. She went to the United States after being bullied in Russia due of her heritage, according to the actor.


♬ original sound – Renata

Renata’s apology elicited responses from a number of followers who expressed their feelings regarding the matter. “Better than Travis’ apology,” one person wrote.


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