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Who is Natasha Pavlovich? More About Her Career And Her Autobiographical Book

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Natasha Pavlovich

Natasha Pavlovich is indeed an actress, model, and novelist. As well as the ex-girlfriend of Joe Lara, whom she met in 1984 on the set of “Tarzan.”. The couple remained together for years.

“Whenever you see somebody who is that beautiful and unique and you want to be around them. You brush aside the warning signs,” the actor said in The Way Back down of the connection.

Things you need to know about Natasha Pavlovich

Natasha Pavlovich is born in the former Yugoslavia and is a Serbian-American actor. She is a descendant of Bosnia-Grand Hercegovina’s Duke Pavle Radenovi-Pavlovic.

She lived growing up in Chicago, Illinois, after immigrating to the United States as a child. Pavlovich then relocated to Los Angeles, California, to follow her ambitions of being an actor. There she practiced acting with various theatre professors and received a Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of California.

Joe Lara, her ex-partner, is the father of her child. Pavlovich and Lara got embroiled in a heated court fight when it came to establishing guardianship. The couple welcomed a kid on November 29, 2010. They relocated to Nashville soon after that. This decision, according to Pavlovich, was decided to make as part of a settlement the couple made with one another.  

Joe Lara

Joe would also have there till their daughter entered nursery school to continue pursuing his career in music. But if it didn’t really work out, they would relocate to Chicago. Where Natasha had home and th at both she and Joe might also seek employment. Joe refused to go back once the time came in 2015. Eventually filed a police complaint alleging Pavlovich of sexually harassing their daughter in aim to maintain custody. Joe was caught lying during conversations with their daughter and physicians. She claims that her connection with Lara was irreparable however at the time.


Pavlovich chose to represent solo. This works out well for her because the court finally designated Pavlovich as just the primary caretaker of their daughter.

Natasha Pavlovich: Career

Natasha Pavlovich

Natasha has appeared in a variety of primetime, local, regional, and global tv and cinema productions. She was capable of playing a range of characters. And her ability to speak many languages helped her win film roles such as “Quantum Leap” and “JAG.”. She was also honored with a number of glamour and spokesmodel honors. Natasha has the crowns of Miss Beverly Hills and Miss Yugoslavia, which she earned in 1989 and 1991, respectively. In 1991, the Serbian-American was indeed a Miss Universe final contenders

Natasha Pavlovich’s Book: Among The Stars

In 2021, Natasha Pavlovich will publish her debut book. An autobiography, which would be the beginning of her pieces of literature. Among Stars: Ten Habits to Skyrocket to Success, her debut book, is a non-fiction personality improvement book.

It covers anecdotes of life in Hollywood. Celebrity lives, millionaires’ and businessmen’ businesses. And what it’s like to work for them. Natasha will visit Europe and the United States to advertise the novel when it is out.


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