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Who is Michael Keaton’s wife? : Michael Keaton Age, Net Worth and Career

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Michael Keaton

In this article, we will see Michael Keaton’s wife, his past, and his carrier. Michael Keaton is a famous American actor whose original name is Michael John Douglas.  

He was born on On September 5, 1951(aged 69 years old). Michael became famous for his role as Batman in the movie Batman. This character made him the prominent actor in the world.  

For his previous roles, he received Carrier Achievement Award from the Hollywood Film festival as well.

He won Golden Globe Awards. The film garnered an Oscar for best picture. He won various Screen Actors Guild Awards for his performance in Birdman.

Michael Keaton was named as the Officer of Order of Arts and Letters in France.  

Who is Michael Keaton’s wife?  

Michael Keaton’s wife, Caroline McWilliams, was an American Actress. She was born in Seattle and grew up in Rhode Island.  

She became famous after her appearance in Benson as Marcy Hill.

Caroline always performed breakthrough roles in various series and plays.


After this, she made several appearances in television comedies and series. Williams spanned her television roles every year. Her fame increased after she performed versatile roles in plays and series.  

Caroline died from Multiple Myeloma in California on February 11, 2010, aged 64 years.  

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton’s Bio  

  • Age- 69 years  
  • Height –175 cm (5’8″) 
  • Weight – 72 kg  
  • Chest size- unknown  
  • Bicep’s size – unknown  
  • Waist size- unknown  
  •  Eye color- Blue  

Michael Keaton’s Early Life 

 Michael Kea ton was born in Ohio Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania on September 5, 1951. He was the youngest of seven children. This toddler was raised between McKeen’s Rocks, Coraopolis, and Robinson Township, Pennsylvania.  


His father was a civil engineer, and his mother was a housemaker. Michael went to Montour High School and attended Kent State University.

Keaton studied speech in university for two years and appeared in various plays. 

He was raised in a Catholic family. Keaton’s mother was of Irish descent, and his father was originally from a Protestant family.  

What are Michael Keaton’s Net worth and Salary? 

He performed various memorable and successful roles. Keaton has established a reputation himself with countless iconic roles.  

From his successful carriers, we estimate that his net worth is $ 40 Million. 

It’s fair to say that his worth is a dollar or two.  

Michael Keaton


For all the roles, Keaton was praised. However, the best role he played was his role as Batman. In this series, Keaton played the role of Superhero. Due to this role, he got attention from all over the world. 

 He first appeared on Television in 1975 from the Pittsburgh theater. Michael played the role of Rick in Pittsburgh. 

After this series, he continuously climbed the stairs and performed various roles. 
Keaton not only performed as an actor but also did various stand-up comedies to generate income. 

 After 1988, his career started to go up. He played various leading roles in films that were well received by the audience. 


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