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Who Is Lindsay Capuano? Bryce Hall Kissing Photo Sparks Dating Rumors

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Lindsay Capuano



TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall is making netizens go crazy with his dating rumours as his spicy pics with Lindsay Capuano go viral. Well, the love life of Bryce Hall has always been the talk of the town. Though previously he might be having someone else in his life. The latest rumours abuzz about him are all about his relationship with Lindsay Capuano. But are they really dating each other?

Read ahead to know more about dating rumours abuzz after spicy pics of Bryce Hall with Lindsay Capuano goes viral.

Bryce Hall and his love life

Bryce Hall over the years has established himself as a popular TikToker and a YouTuber. That has indeed given him a lot of followers. With TikTok has more than 23 million followers of him. His vlogs too are watched a lot.

However, what’s even more interesting about Bryce is his love life. His previous relationship was in fact thought to be with the influencer Riley Hubatka. They even kissed each other for a thumbnail. While they were frequently seen in videos together.


Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall’s spicy pics spark dating rumours

Bryce Hall after some time is again in rumours for dating women and that’s none other than Lindsay Capuano. Lindsay is a popular social media star. As of now both Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall are said to be dating each other.

Well, the rumours went abuzz only after the duo’s spicy pics went viral on the internet. Bryce has been for quite some time posting pics with Lindsay Capuano. Which hinted at a possible romantic link-up between them. While recently the duo’s pic of kissing each other too went viral on social media.


Fans’ reaction to dating rumours of Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall

Ever since fans got hold of the spicy pics of Lindsay Capuano and Bryce Hall. Some of them have been believing that indeed there’s something going on between them. However, many of the fans are not convinced that the duo are dating each other.

As neither Lindsay nor Bryce has confirmed their relationship on social media despite their spicy pics. Hence, it has left some of the fans of Bryce Hall to think that surely Bryce isn’t dating Lindsay Capuano seriously. As such it would be interesting to see if any of them confirms their relationship soon or not.


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