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Who is Lila Hayes? Walker Hayes’s Daughter Lila Goes Viral on Tiktok

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Walker Hayes, who is an artist, he is from Alabama country, premiered his song Fancy Like in June 2021. At the age of 41, on TikTok, he started dancing to the music. On the platform, he has around 2.1 million followers. He had done a video in which he was dancing With his six kids on the song of the Fancy Like.

Lila, is his eldest daughter, who has gained the attention of the audience on TikTok, but we need to know about her, who is Lila?

Who is Lila Hayes?

Lila Hayes is 15 years old daughter of Walker Hayes. People usually see her on her father’s (Walker) account, she doesn’t own any account on any platform. She is an amazing dancer and also has seen her on her father’s Instagram account.

Lila Goes Viral

In June, for the first, she was appeared over TikTok, in a video with her father.

After when the song was released, Lila danced to the song Fancy Like, in front of their home with her dad. The song is viral now.

The video has received 32.1 million views as of November 2021, making it Walker’s most successful clip.

In the comments, the video has received a lot of love. He had pinned the video so that the video will be on top.

One person wrote: “Best father-daughter dance I’ve seen.”

“Loving the father-daughter relationship,” said another.

What Is Lila Hayes Age?

Lila Hayes is just 15 years old, according to October 2021. Her date of birth is not revealed yet anywhere to her fans.

Her fans find it hard to wish her on her birthday because it is not revealed so far. Since there is no official information about her birthday, so it’s not also possible to make any guess about her zodiac sign regarding her personality.

Lila on Instagram

Lila is most likely to appear on Walker’s social media accounts a lot. With her father,  she is always seen to dance. Moreover, dances with her siblings in the video.

 Lila Hayes’s verified Instagram account is not available yet. Her Instagram account is not verified so far. On the social media of her father’s account, she appears a lot,  even in the photos.

Mostly, he shares pictures and videos with his family on Instagram. Lila is also most likely to be seen on his account.

Walker’s Instagram username is by @walkerhayes. On her Instagram account, he has more than 529k followers. He has posted Instagram more than 1k posts.  Usually, he shares photos of his family, in his family, there are eight members.


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