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Who is Latoia Danet? Dababy and His Alleged Baby Mama Latoia Debunked

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Latoia Danet

Rapper DaBaby is now all over the internet because of a heated argument in an Instagram Live with DaniLeigh. The whole incident led to police involvement. On Sunday, the heated arguments took place and DaniLeigh has now two charges. Read more to know more!

About Latoia Danet

After the heated argument between Dababy and DaniLeigh, there are rumors all over about Latoia Danet. Is she DaBaby’s second baby mama? Both DaBaby, as well as Latoia Danet, denied to this.
Latoia Danet is an interior designer based in North California. Her bio on Instagram reports suggests that she was a real estate agent and has 20 thousand followers. Not much is known about her but recently on Instagram, she claims to be a music artist and links to her manager Justice P.


Who is DaBaby?

DaBaby, formerly known as Baby Jesus is a 29-year-old, American rapper. He has released many mixtapes between 2014-2018 and got prominent in 2019. In 2019, his debut album peaked on Billboard 200.


Last year, in February, according to reports DaBaby was expecting a second child. This happened when his first baby mother Meme claimed that the rapper was cheating. Meme and Dababy have a 3-year-old daughter and she claimed he was having a baby with another woman. For the shreds of evidence, she shared screenshots over social media and explanations in a video. To all this he denied. In a nine-minute-long video, he cleared himself over Instagram.

Latoia Danet

He said that he would never set a bad example for his child as a parent. He would never want his child to look at this in the past. But, after months he stated that when the baby was conceived, he and Meme were not together. He admitted in another video about this referring to it as a new blessing and said Meme was not with him. He added the information was kept away from social media as it should be and nobody should be fooled as they were not together at that time.

Latoia Danet says

At the same time of heated moment, Latoia confirmed that she was the mama of the baby. For this, she posted a photo with a baby bump and stated in the caption about her pregnancy. In which she tagged the rapper. Later, she declined the claims and said that it was just a joke. The bump was food baby she said. DaBaby said he has never her ever in his life and does not know who she is. The rapper and designer have denied this rumor as far as we know. What are your views?


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