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Who is Keke Palmer? Get to Know The ‘Password’ Host and ‘Nope’ Actress

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Keke Palmer

The multi-hyphenated celebrity Keke Palmer has been active on both the small and large screens this year in a variety of roles, including that of the presenter. password A member of Emerald “Em” Haywood on NBC and in no.

Palmer has won fans’ hearts for the past 18 years as a Nickelodeon star and Primetime Emmy Award winner. In 2019, Palmer was also chosen to Time The journal’s Next 100 list of “Rising Stars Who Will Change the World.” 

Keke Palmer: Who is she?

Palmer, whose full name is Lauren Kiana “Keke” Palmer, was born on August 26, 1993, the Virgo star signal, and is 28 years old. Palmer was raised in Harvey, Illinois, together with her family.

Since her first credit at Barbershop 2: Back to work in 2004, Palmer has loved a remarkably fantastic career.

Palmer purchased the starr ing role in Aquila and the Bee in 2006 after options on He Is (2005) and Financial Family Reunion (2006). Which made her seem more prominent in the media in 2006. Then she debuted Right Jackson, Vice President, her own Nickelodeon series. She played the lead role of True Jackson from 2008 to 2011, an adolescent who receives the opportunity of a lifetime when she wins a scholarship.


Since her time at Nickelodeon, Palmer has received a tonne of praise. In Ice Age Privilege, you made the sound of a peach. In Household Lover, you made the sound of a bam. Rochelle at Netflix’s big mouth and its useful human resources. And most recently, you created the sound of an Izzy in Light Year.

She frequently plays characters in TV shows like Queens Scream, The Intercourse Masters, The Intuition Anatomy, and The Unsafe. Palmer was visible on the big screen in the famous film Crooks. No, not before watching Jordan Peele’s most recent thriller in 2019 with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu.

Keke Palmer

Who is the sister of Keke Palmer?

Fame claim Recently, it was revealed that LC participant L’Oreal Palmer is Kiki’s sister. The 33-year-old LC revealed her celebrity status to viewers on the ABC program from August 1, but her co-stars in the film are still in the dark about her true identity, meaning she’s still in line to get a $100,000 reward.

Keke Palmer

On the ET show, Kiki said of her sister, “I live for its existence Claim to fame mean, she supplies it with everything. I’m really proud of her. Since she is obviously my older sister and everyone in my family is a real character, I got a lot of what you see and know about me from her. Thus, I’m really happy.


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