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Who is John Travolta currently dating? All about his dating life

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John Travolta

The death of the spouse is the most painful thing in one’s life. It hurts more when he/she left us alone very young. It became difficult for left out one to love somebody else. John Travolta faced a similar situation in life.

Who is John Travolta’s Girlfriend-

John Travolta’s wife, Kelly died last year in July. The cause of her death is breast cancer. After that, he is still single. He is not dating anyone. Although many girls like him and want to date him John doesn’t want anyone in his life. Even there are his friends who want to live with him but he is not ready. The reason behind this is not that he can’t find a good match. He can find but he doesn’t want to. His friends are trying to convince him to start his new life again with new love. But actors can’t get over the pain till now. 

John Travolta

Dating life of John-

He is among one the celebrities who usually keep their personal and love life a secret. But celebrities’ personal life is not theirs. It came out from here and there. Before meeting his wife, Kelly, he has seven relationships. The first relationship he had was with Paul Barresi. Their relationship continued for three years. But they broke. Then another girl in his life was Doug Gotterba. He had a six-year-long relationship with her. But they also broke up. Then he dates Brooke Shields for several months. After that, he had his longest relationship with Marilu Henner. This relationship lasts for 11 years. But destiny doesn’t want them together. They also broke up. After his long relationship, he had a relationship with Diana Hyland for one year, and then he was in a relationship with Anita Gillette for one year. After dating so many persons, in the end he found his perfect match in Kelly. They both got married. But destiny breaks them too. This incident broke him so much that he never wants any other relationship in his life again.


John professional life-

John Travolta is an American actor, dancer, director, singer as well as producer. His so many professions signify his various talents. His debut series was The Tenth Level in 1975. After that, he appeared in many successful series like Welcome Back, Kotter, and Saturday Night Fever and Greece, etc. He is a stand-out actor whose work is good. But few know about the ups and downs he faced to reach such a position.


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