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Who Is Dhante Jackson? Wanted For Murder In Sophia Mason Case

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Dhante Jackson

Dhante Jackson, and Sophia Mason


A father is being sought by California police after a kid was discovered dead in his house. Dhante Jackson, 34, is on the run after being charged with murder, according to officers. The corpse was discovered in his home, according to cops. While they have yet to make a confirmed identification. The discovery occurred during the hunt for Sophia Mason, an 8-year-old girl who had gone missing. Samantha Johnson, the girl’s mother, is already in prison for murder, corporal harm, and obstruction.

A family member reported the youngster missing on March 8 and wanted to verify whether she was okay, according to the Hayward Police Department. Officers conducted a background check. They searched for their daughter and mother at all previous residences as well as areas where relatives claimed they may be residing. Initially, it was in vain. Johnson, who had custody of Mason at the time, was found to have injured a kid, according to detectives. They ultimately tracked her down in Newark, California, and arrested her. Officers discovered a kid deceased at Jackson’s residence in the 500 block of Barclay Way in the city of Merced. The coroner’s office is attempting to confirm the identity of the deceased. Johnson is now charged with murder.

Dhante Jackson
Samantha Johnson

From Hayward Police:

“We also want to express our gratitude to the community for their support and concern for Sophia’s well-being,” stated Hayward police, who are investigating the corporal harm and obstruction case. “This is a trying and stressful moment for Sophia’s family, and we can’t imagine their anguish.”

The homicide investigation is being handled by Merced officers, who said Jackson left after discovering that his home was being searched. “As soon as word got out that Jackson’s house was being searched, he fled,” they wrote. “For the charge of murder, a warrant has been issued for Dhante Jackson’s arrest. He is known to frequent the California Bay Area.”


The corpse was located once detectives entered the house “Detectives interrogated Johnson about the deceased kid located in the apartment she led officers to in Merced,” police wrote on Facebook. “Johnson was eventually captured and is being held at the Santa Rita Jail on a murder accusation. Johnson will be sent to Merced County Jail.”


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