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Who is Demetrius Flenory? More About The Son of Demetrius, The ‘Big Meech’

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Black Mafia Family Demetrius Flenory BIG MEECH

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Recently, a brand new show Black Mafia Family has just dropped in. Fans are very much excited about the show. The series is based upon the famous Black Mafia. It is the story of Big Meech aka “Demetrius Flenory” and Terry Flenory. People always want to know more about their ideals. The same happens with Big Meech. Some rumours are also spread about his child. Let’s find more about him and his children.

Who is Demetrius Flenory?

Big Meech has only one child. His name is Demetrius Flenory Jr. But his popular name is Lil Meech. He is a music artist and actor by profession. His Instagram followers have 4,45,000 followers. He is a 21-year-old young guy. It is said that he has no relation with his father’s criminal activities. He will play a role in his father’s show Black Mafia Family

. It will be his debut film. It will be his debuting show in his career.

Its story is based on a most influential criminal family of the country, the” Black Mafia Family”. In this show, he will portray his father’s character which is a proud moment for his father. The series shows how the American dream eventually turns into an operation to branch out from national drug distribution to hip hop. The series is produced by Jackson who is associated with Starz production since 2018. The fans are excited to watch Big Meech son’s acting in the show.

Black Mafia Family Demetrius Flenory BIG MEECH
Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Rumours about Big Meech’s Children’s-

There is only one son of Big Meech i.e. Demetrius Flenory Jr. But there is a rumour that he probably has another child also but not revealed to the world. Big Meech usually keeps his personal life private. But he is associated with different women at different times. There is one rumour related to that. It is said that Big Meech is the father of Lori Harvey. He is a socialist and influencer who is in a relationship with Michael B Jordan. But the rumour is confirmed by neither Big Meech nor Lori Harvey.


This rumour came from another rumour that Lori’s mother, Majorie Elaine Harvey once had a long relationship with Big Meech. But this rumour is also not confirmed. One common sense can be applied here. If Big Meech is a father of Lori Harvey then he must be a father of siblings, Morgan and Jason Harvey. So, it’s just a rumour. None of this news is confirmed by any. Many rumours are spread about celebrities at different times.


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