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Who is August Alsina’s boyfriend? The singer comes out after affair scandal

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August Alsina

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The actor August Alsina seems to have come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. During the latest episode of VH1’s The Surreal Life, which aired on Monday night (21st November), the 30-year-old singer discussed his new relationship. Known for his romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, August Alsina is widely known for his relationship with her. His rep denied his claims that Will Smith gave him permission to enter a relationship with her in June 2020. During Red Table Talk with Will, Jada revealed that she indeed did have a romantic relationship with August Alsina when the couple was separated, but Will denied giving her permission. At the time, she coined the term “entanglement” to describe the relationship.

August Alsina discussed his current romantic life during the new episode of The Surreal Life. During a show moment, August said, “I want love that feels limitless. August said, And then what?” in a confessional that appeared to have been filmed after the season. Love showed up, but it was in a different way. Sharing that with you and honoring the one I love and who loves me back and has taught me so much about love and healing is really important to me. The reason I want to share that with the world is that it defies all the constructs of what love is supposed to be. Following that, August Alsina and a man hugged while saying “I love you.” August Alsina didn’t specify his sexuality, so it’s unclear if the man is his boyfriend. However, it’s possible.


August Alsina Seems To Have Come Out As A Member Of LGBTQ+ Community Since He Reveals His Boyfriend In The Surreal Life Season Finale

In the season finale of The Surreal Life, August Alsina reveals a new romance. His personal struggles were always openly discussed by August Alsina. It was those things he mentioned when he joined “The Surreal Life.” Sometimes, fans claimed Dennis Rodman flirted with August. Some fans questioned August’s sexuality early in his career. In spite of the fact that there are no confirmations from back then, August Alsina has news to share now. “The Surreal Life” cast spoke on its latest episode. During August’s sit-down, he revealed that he had a new love. As it turns out, this new love is with a man.


A man he says is ‘teaching him love’ in an unexpected way was introduced by the R&B star on Monday’s episode (21st November). It was love that showed up, but in a new way,” he said. “I want to share the love that has shown up and thank the person that has taught me so much about healing and love. Though the two shared a televised moment in a loving embrace, neither has confirmed they are dating. It defies what one would say love is supposed to be. However, August has yet to announce whether or not he identifies as gay or bisexual despite the scene skyrocketing his name to trending status on Twitter.


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