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Who Is Adina On Tiktok? TikTok’s Adina Details Horrifying Experience At A Train Station

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Adina, who goes by the TikTok username, account as @adinaaaa18, has gone viral after narrating a terrifying encounter. She was supposedly engaged there at a subway station.

SeveralTiktok Audiences have shown their sympathy for Adina. She has raised concerns about women ‘s security while recounting her own horrific encounters with individuals.

Adina Details Horrifying Experience At A Train Station

Adina stated that she along with her roommate were enjoying a Jack Harlow performance. And that they chose to take the train instead. In her clip, the TikToker claims that both she and her female buddy arrived at the station. To see four strange guys on the station. Strangers began to call her as well as her roommate names, uttering “explicit stuff”. And making comments about their appearances, as per Adina.

These males, according to the 18-year-old. Follow them to the opposite end of the platform and even climb into the very same cabin as them. Adina was reportedly given her female passenger’s hoodie to “cover” herself throughout the train journey.


Adina made it apparent in her recordings that her goal here is not to stir up a debate. But instead to make people aware regarding women ‘s security.

@adinaaaa18 Reply to @ahenkhenk ♬ original sound – adina

She explained that when contacted by strangers. She kept a certain tone of voice since it was much more necessary for her to comprehend the situation. For her own safety than to respond in the meantime.

Adina further mentioned that none of her other passengers spoke something for her as well as her companion. But that no one questioned the guys who have been trying to catch them.

Whether there’s one thing we’ve taken away from Adina’s tale. It’s really the importance of females to be aware of the world. And knowing how and where to protect themselves in unusual circumstances.

@adinaaaa18 all within the first 10 minutes be safe out there ladies get sum pepper spray #dtla
♬ original sound – adina

Tiktok Users Reacting To Adiana’s Story

Several TikTok users complimented Adina for speaking out about her tragedy. Saying that it will help other females in familiar circumstances.

“As a millennial, I am continually in amazement of our gen z women,” one user said. You’re all so courageous, and you’re actually trying to make a difference.”

“Becoming firm regarding wish to be left home doesn’t really equal being unpleasant,” someone else said. “Stand tall and strong.”

“I give you a great deal of respect”. I would also have been terrified but would not have responded as well as you could. Another person said, “I’m so glad ur alright!!”


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