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What is Spotify Iceberg? Unveil Your Musical Journey and How to Create Your Own in 2023

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If you use Spotify and enjoy discovering new artists, you might be interested in learning about the Spotify Iceberg as well. This new feature allows you to discover details about your Spotify listening, letting you create your own Spotify Iceberg showcasing music artists’ names in order based on their popularity.

Read ahead to learn more about the viral Spotify Iceberg, which provides insights into your preferred artists.

Spotify Iceberg goes viral

We often get new features rolled out for different social media and other apps. Spotify Iceberg is something new too that’s been gaining a lot of popularity. This is a new feature that lets a Spotify user know about their listening choices. However, it isn’t a feature of Spotify.

Spotify Iceberg is accessible on the Icebergify website, created by Akshay Raj. This open-source platform informs you about your artist and song preferences on Spotify, ranking them based on popularity, with more frequently listened-to artists placed higher on the Iceberg.


How does Spotify Iceberg work?

If you’ve come across other Spotify users sharing their Spotify Iceberg, displaying music artists at various levels within the iceberg, you might be interested in learning how to create one for yourself. Well, here, we’ll guide you on how to do it.

What Spotify Iceberg does is collect data from your Spotify listening history. This includes the names of artists you’ve listened to at any time, whether in the present or the past, for the long term or short term.

It then places those names in an iceberg at different levels depending on the popularity of the artist you have been listening to. The most popular one you listened to will be on top, regardless of how infrequently you listened to them. If they are more popular than the other artists, they will find their place at the top of the Spotify Iceberg.


How to create your own Spotify Iceberg?

There’s no mobile app for Icebergify. Hence, for PC or mobile phone, you will have to visit the Icebergify website. After reaching the homepage, click on “create yours.” It will take you to the Spotify login page, from where you will land on the Icebergify agreement page.

If you click on agree on the page. Then you will have your Spotify Iceberg ready. That will show the current month’s statistics. You can even click on “click here to see your all-time Iceberg”. This will show you a bigger picture of what you have been listening to. Post which you can even share the same with others.


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