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What Happened To Queen Elizabeth? Rumor Is Spreading About Her Death

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Queen Elizabeth

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On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, a fresh rumor stating Queen Elizabeth died went popular on Twitter when celebrity news source Hollywood Unlocked released the information. Disclosure of the information was done by individuals close to the family, according to the website. Before the incident, the Queen was getting ready to attend the wedding of British Vogue Editor Edward Enninful.

However, according to BNO News, a legislative official disputed the story. Meanwhile, Dayo Okewale, head of staff of the UK House of Lords, rushed to social media to emphasize that the hypotheses were “false”. He wrote, “Hollywood unlocked posting the Queen is dead???? There is no credible source that verifies this. #False.”

On social media, royal journalist Omid Scobie also slammed the rumor. She wrote, “No, that (now trending) rumor that started on Instagram is not true.”

The newest report surfaced just two days after Buckingham Palace declared the Queen had tested positive for COVID-19. The palace further stated that the 95-year-old was suffering from “mild symptoms” and was being treated at Windsor.

It was also said that Queen had been immunized against the virus and had gotten a booster dosage. During a video session with health experts in February 2021, the queen claimed that her injection “did not hurt at all.”

Netizens react as rumors about Queen Elizabeth’s health surface online

Buckingham Palace revealed on Sunday, February 20, that Queen Elizabeth II has caught COVID-19. The palace further stated that the monarch had just minor cold-like symptoms and was set to do modest royal household duties.

They wrote, “The Queen has today tested positive for COVID. Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week. She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all appropriate guidelines.”

Queen Elizabeth

According to the palace, the Queen postponed her planned virtual engagements on Tuesday, February 22nd, and was suffering from minor cold-like symptoms. Soon later, Hollywood Unlocked reported on an unsubstantiated rumor of the Queen’s death. The rumors startled and perplexed the internet, with many rushing to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Ricardo Brooks wrote, “Queen Elizabeth is not dead. The @BBC will report it first after her Private Secretary has advised the British Prime Minister. There’s a very elaborate and well-laid plan to announce her death.”

“If Hollywood unlocks got this wrong about queen Elizabeth it’s over for them,” one person said.

Meanwhile, another person said, “Sooo is queen Elizabeth dead or not crazy how the media play with people’s life.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Did someone really claim that #QueenElizabeth was dead without checking the tip first??? If so, they had better be fired for it. That is not ok.”

Jason Lee Trolled By People

As other news sites pointed out that Hollywood Unlocked’s allegations were untrue, various social media users ridiculed Hollywood Unlocked founder and CEO Jason Lee online:

One girl said, “Jason Lee reported that Queen Elizabeth was dead but the only thing that’s about to be dead is his career.”

“The royal palace said hmmm let’s tell this info to JASON LEE,” another one said.

A user wrote, “I don’t trust Jason Lee. Because who is running to tell him Queen Elizabeth died before TMZ???”

In response to the online criticisms, Lee emphasized that his newspaper does not “publish falsehoods,” and that he trusts in his sources. He also mentioned that he was looking forward to an official announcement from the palace. 

While Lee and his newspaper retain their position on Queen Elizabeth’s life, it still remains to see whether the palace or the family would handle the problem.


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