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What Happened to Natanya Brook? X-Factor Singer Dies at 23

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Natanya Brook

Natanya Brook, the young girl who had auditioned for The X Factor and The Voice has suddenly died. Family and friends of Natanya Brook are mourning her death. Brook died at a really young age and her death has left everyone shocked. However, she had some illness medical records owing to which, Brook seems to have died.

Read ahead to know more about The Voice fame Natanya Brook and her cause of death.

Who was Natanya Brook?

Natanya Brook was a young girl who rose to fame with her singing skills. She was a talented singer who had even auditioned for The Voice singing show. Adding to it she is also known to have auditioned for X Factor.

Unfortunately, she passed away too soon at the age of 23 and the cause of her death still remains unknown.

Natanya Brook

How Did Natanya Brook Died?

Natanya Brook was a passionate video game player. The die she died, it is reported that she was playing video games with her friends when she died. Brook was awake playing the video game till 2 in the morning and was having coke and vodka.

Jenny, Natanya’s mom enquired about her after getting in her room and thought she was asleep. However, she thought something was wrong with her when she remained lying unmoved on her bed and reported to the hospital. On examining her, she was declared to have died. Meanwhile, no exact cause of death has been stated.

Natanya’s Mom Reaction On Her Daughter’s Death

Upset Jenny Brook was seen praising her daughter’s outlook on life. She shared that her was suffering from epilepsy but she didn’t let the ailment overpower her zeal for living the life.


Natanya had suffered seizure attacks in the past yet she was believed to be a person full of life. Her mom went on to say that Natanya, called with the nickname “Tanya” often, has changed many people’s life both through her singing and her smile.

Jenny was proud of all her daughter had done for herself and others so far. The lovely soul is however now set free from the world and netizens are giving their tribute to the young girl. The memorial services of Natanya Brook is soon to announced to conclude the last rites of the X-Factor fame Natanya.


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