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Ion Overman Arrested: Why Madea Goes To Jail star Arrested? Charges Explained

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Ion Overman

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Ion Overman, the Madea Goes To Jail actress is in trouble now as she gets listed among the frauds of the PPP loan scheme. The actress is in serious trouble for the $3 million loan fraud of the Paycheck Protection Program. Along with Ion Overman, there are more accused of the same loan fraud. The United States Department of Justice has looked into the matter enlisting the accused for the loan fraud of PPP.

Read ahead to know about the charges put on Ion Overman and others in loan fraud.

Who is Ion Overman?

Well, for those who don’t know much about Ion Overman then she is an actress popularly known for her role in the movie Madea Goes To Jail of 2009. She is a 45 years old actress who has been accused of loan fraud of about $3 million.


Ion Overman is among the 19 celebs who are accused of the same PPP loan fraud and is under prosecution to face the charges on her.

What’s the whole PPP loan fraud of $3 million on Ion Overman?

The whole PPP loan fraud rose when the US Department of Justice found out about Mark C Mason Jr. Mason has been the real mastermind behind the PPP loan fraud. He is been accused of making a fraudulent loan application with no authentic details in it.

He was the man who was in connection with Ion and other 18 celebs who are charged with loan fraud allegations. A total of $3 million is charged on Ion Overman. Mason has been known to have charged about 2-5% success fee on all the loan applications that were made through him.


Ion Overman and the PPP loan charges on her

Among the 19 listed celebs, Ion Overman has been accused to have done fraud worth $3 million. On the professional background Ion is known to have a business named Bryanstone Square Inc. which was founded long back in 2005. Reportedly, Overman’s business is thought to be connected with the entertainment industry.

Yet, interrogating Mason will reveal a lot about the fraud done by Ion Overman and the other 18 accused of the PPP loan fraud.

Meanwhile, the US Attorney’s office of the northern district of Georgia is handling all the 19 accused of the loan fraud and is soon to catch the mastermind, Mason, for the charges on him.


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