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What Happened To Adalia Rose Williams? Youtuber With Progeria Has Died At 15

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Adalia Rose



Social media ridicules everyone whenever possible but welcomes warmly to many like Adalia Rose Williams. If you are well aware of Adalia Rose then you must be knowing about her rare disease which she battled with a cheerful smile every time. Yes, but the sad news confirms Adalia is no more with us and has left for her heavenly abode.

Adalia Rose despite her disease was socially very active and had great fan followings too. Sadly her fans are shaken by the news of her demise and are mourning it beside her family.

What Did Adalia Rose Williams Suffer From?

Adalia Rose had a rare kind of disease named progeria. It made her look really different and more than her actual age. It’s a rare disease with a low life expectancy. As per medical science, progeria suffering people live a life up to 13 years to 20 years. While Adalia was just 15 years old when she breathed her last in the hospital. She left the world on 12th Jan this year.

Adalia Rose

Adalia Rose was however a popular YouTuber full of life. If you’ve watched her videos you must have seen her zeal for an enjoyable life.

How Did Progeria Affect Adalia Rose?

Being an extremely rare disease, progeria made Adalia weak when she was just three months old. Progeria made Adalia lose her hair even making her veins all visible thinning her skin day by day. However, Adalia Rose had a positive outlook on life and enjoyed it till her last day battling the disease.

Adalia Rose’s disease made her look too old and skinny because of her disease. Yet her spirit of living the life was all alive in her.

What Did Adalia Rose’s Mother Say About Her Disease?

Adalia Rose’s mother got to know about her disease when her daughter was hardly three months old baby. She got to know that Adalia may not survive for long. Yet Adalia Rose’s mother was all by her side to cheer her up supporting her.
She even said that Adalia wanted to be like a normal child, to look normal and do things normally like any other child. However, she understood her condition and adapted herself to it. Adalia is hopefully now in a better place free from her disease and the troubles that followed it.


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