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What Happened between DaBaby and His Baby’s Mom DaniLeigh? IG Live Argument

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DaBaby and DaniLeigh

DaBaby got into a heated argument with his baby mama DaniLeigh after which DaBaby called the cops while the fight was put to display on DaniLeigh’s Instagram live.

What Happened In The Live?

The couple was insulting each other on Instagram live while DaniLeigh was lactating their baby girl. 

The live ended abruptly before DaBaby called DaniLeigh “Crazy woman”.

DaBaby apparently called the cops to move his baby mamma out of his home. 

Dababy’s Version Of The Story-

After the live ended and DaBaby called the cops, he took to Instagram to explain the whole story. The Levitating rapper said, “I would like to remove myself from any of the hostile behaviour put on display moments ago. This thing has gone far enough for shawty to crash out on her own and it saddens me that I still got a queen (baby girl) to raise.” He then went on to tell people that he took everything on the video to prove that he did nothing wrong. He also mentioned receiving multiple threats staging him in an internet scheme. The rapper was stressed that DaniLeigh refused to let him go.  


DaBaby also mentioned that he was beaten, yelled at and chased around. 

“End of the day no big deal. I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing. I just want her to be peacefully removed which they need to hurry up as we speak”. 

DaBaby said that his whole focus was on his next tour starting from 26 November.

Danileigh Puts Up Her Version-

After DaBaby called her out, DaniLeigh broke her silence on Instagram. She mentioned that she didn’t want to talk about the matter on the internet but DaBaby’s statement has forced her to come forwards.

She said that she had been living with the rapper for the past three months and moved back and forth from DaBaby’s penthouse and his home.  


DaniLeigh then wrote- “Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go…mind u…I have a newborn child.”

DaBaby and DaniLeigh
DaniLeigh Instagram Story

The woman also mentioned that DaBaby was pretending to love their daughter. “You haven’t been here the whole time since I had this child”, she wrote.  She said that the rapper was an irresponsible father. DaBaby and DaniLeigh welcomed their daughter in August 2021, six months after they broke up.

She also said that police were called because DaBaby was mad at her for not moving out because he wanted to be with other females. 

Police arrived amidst the fight but what happened after that is unknown.


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