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What does NPC mean on TikTok? Everything You Need To Know

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Not just with videos but TikTok is equally seen as active in making an acronym or slang go viral on the app as lately we have seen the trend of NPC. Well, if you have been scrolling a lot through the contents of TikTok then you must be knowing what exactly NPC stands for. But worry not even if you don’t know about it. As here we are to let you know of it.

Read ahead to know more about slang NPC going viral on TikTok.

Tiktok trends a new viral slang NPC

Well, needless to mention but TikTok has no boundaries when it comes to the variety of its content. It has dance videos, lip sync videos, and cooking videos too. Surprisingly, even glitches go popular on the app. But the one we are talking about isn’t a glitch but rather an acronym that is going popular.

While this acronym is NPC. Everyone is trying to know what it stands for and why it’s trending so much. Though many of them know what it means. But for those who haven’t come across this. Here’s what you all must know about it.


What’s the meaning of NPC and why it’s going so popular?

The popular acronym NPC going viral on TikTok stands for “Non-playable character”. While this terminology comes from the gaming world. There’s still many who don’t know the meaning of it and why it’s in use on TikTok these days.

Well, the acronym NPC is actually a slang on TikTok. As it means to make fun of a certain person for acting in a certain way. Derived from the gaming world, this acronym tries to indicate a character that is bound to move in a certain way due to the system. Hence in a fun way slang is being used.

Users reaction to viral NPC trend of tiktok

Users have always loved acronyms on TikTok to try. No matter if it’s a glitch or slang they just can’t get enough of such trends. Hence this time too, TikTok users have loved the NPC slang term a lot.


In fact, there have been 2 million videos using the hashtag NPC. While even more numbers users have tried this slang in their content so far. That clearly indicates how popular the slang has been going.


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