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What Did Stephen A. Smith Say About Taylor Swift? ESPN Commentator Defends Singer

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Stephen A. Smith and Taylor Shiwft



Amidst criticism from NFL fans and even Golden Globes host Joe Koy, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has come forward to defend Taylor Swift. The renowned sports analyst expressed his support for the 12-time Grammy winner, emphasizing that she should be respected for attending her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football games.

What did Stephen A. Smith say About Taylor Swift?

During the January 10 episode of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith took a moment to address the ongoing criticism directed at Taylor Swift. He highlighted that Swift’s presence at Kelce’s football games was not a hindrance but rather a display of support for her partner. Smith praised Swift’s “Off the chain” Eras Tour, noting that attending the games after her concerts was not an attempt to boost her shows with NFL promotions.

Smith clarified that Swift began attending Kansas City Chiefs games towards the end of her 2023 tour, debunking the notion that she strategically used the NFL platform to enhance her concerts. He emphasized that Taylor Swift is deserving of respect, asserting that her presence at the games might positively influence Travis Kelce’s performance on the field.

Taylor Swift’s Impact on Chiefs’ Performance

Contrary to the criticism she received, Taylor Swift’s attendance at Kansas City Chiefs games seemed to correlate with the team’s success. The Chiefs won six out of the nine games that Swift, 34, attended since publicly revealing her relationship with Travis Kelce in September. Early in the season, NFL fans praised Swift for Kelce’s improved performance when she was in the stands.

During a game against the Los Angeles Chargers in October, CBS aired a graphic illustrating that Kelce averaged double the yards per game when Swift was present. However, as the season progressed, the narrative shifted, and fans began blaming Swift for the team’s offensive struggles, even likening her to Yoko Ono.

Taylor Swift Responds to Criticism

In response to the backlash over her televised airtime, Taylor Swift told Time that she attends the games solely to support Travis and has no control over how frequently she is shown. She expressed unawareness of when and how often she appears on broadcast and dismissed the idea of deliberately seeking attention. Swift conveyed that she is present as a supportive partner and has no intention of disrupting the viewing experience for fans.


Support from Chiefs Legend Christian Okoye

Chiefs legend Christian Okoye also stepped in to defend Taylor Swift against unwarranted criticism. He asserted that Swift has no bearing on the team’s performance on the field and criticized those using her as a scapegoat for the Chiefs’ uncharacteristic number of losses.

In conclusion, Stephen A. Smith’s defense of Taylor Swift underscores the need to separate personal relationships from sports performance, urging fans to appreciate Swift’s support for Kelce without unfairly attributing blame for the team’s challenges.


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