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Westlife’s Mark Feehily Temporarily Exits Band Ahead of Debut US Tour

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Mark Feehily

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Mark Feehily announces his hiatus from the Irish boyband Westlife due to his diagnosis with sepsis. Mark, who had been planning his comeback for the American tour soon, has announced his temporary departure from the boyband just days before it was set to begin.

Read on to learn more about Mark Feehily’s announcement of his temporary departure from the boyband Westlife due to a diagnosis of sepsis.

Mark Feehily and his arriving American tour

Irish boyband star Mark Feehily has been a constant presence with Westlife for a long time. He was even planning to embark on an American tour soon. However, just before the tour could begin, Mark Feehily decided to take a break to recover from sepsis, as he had undergone numerous surgeries for infections in the past few years as well.

Mark Feehily even announced that he had been diagnosed with sepsis. This occurs when the body’s response to an infection leads to an attack on its own tissues and organs. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition and can even result in death in some cases if not treated promptly.

Westlife announces hiatus from boyband due to sepsis

On Instagram, Mark Feehily shared a lengthy post about his struggle with sepsis and the need for a break to recover from it. Mark wrote, ‘Hello and much love to you all! It’s Mark here…. Most of you are aware that I have faced some health challenges over the past while.’

He added details about his major surgeries and sepsis diagnosis in his post, mentioning his break from the band due to his illness. Mark wrote, “It is with the utmost level of regret that I must now temporarily stand down from all Westlife touring until such time that I have had the chance to fully recover from the turbulent journey I have been through as an individual.”


More about the health issues of Marketing Weehily

Due to his health issues, Mark hasn’t been able to participate in his band’s summer shows in May. His surgery required him to take rest. However, his fans have always been supportive of him throughout his journey.

Indeed, Mark has also expressed his gratitude to his fans for the support and love he has received from them. While Mark will be missed by his fans during Westlife’s upcoming shows, it remains to be seen how long his hiatus will last.

Mark Feehily
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