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Watch: Woman Tries to Stop CNN Reporter From Covering Live Funeral of Valentina Orellana Peralta Video Viral

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There was an incident at the funeral of 14-year-old Valentina Orellana Peralta, who was tragically murdered by a stray bullet fired by an LAPD officer.

A CNN reporter attempted to prevent the reporter from covering the live broadcast. Two days before Christmas 2021, the teen tragically died in an incident that caught national attention.

CNN’s Gonzalo Alvarado is seen in the video shot and uploaded to Twitter by Los Angeles-based journalist Frank Stoltze.

He prepares to make a live broadcast in front of the camera setup. There were family members, civil rights advocates, and members of the community at the funeral on January 11.

What happened to Valentina Orellana Peralta?

In addition to Peralta, another Los Angeles Police Department officer, Daniel Elena Lopez, was killed when officers fired at Peralta.

When she was shot, she was in a dressing room at a Burlington Coat Factory shop. The 24-year-old man, who was filmed by authorities, allegedly assaulted a variety of customers with a bike lock.


CNN en Espanol correspondent Gonzalo Alvarado is filmed, to give a live report, while the funeral takes place in the background in a video posted to Twitter by Los Angeles-based journalist Frank Stoltze. He is approached by an unidentified woman who tells the reporter and the cameraman to “kill it.”

“@CNN did a live shot from inside the sanctuary during the funeral for Valentina Orellana Peralta today,” Stoltze, who covers criminal justice and politics for public radio station KPCC, posted.

“Someone attempted but failed to stop them.”

Stoltze, however, pointed out that the request did not seem to be heeded. When the woman complained, the recordings were halted. She was then informed that the event organizer was aware of the live images. Also that they were in the press area.


Approximately 20 seconds of that time were devoted to a clip of Rev. Al Sharpton discussing the killing with reporters. Alvarado was shown live onscreen for most of the report as mourners surrounded him.

Peralta’s Funeral

Peralta’s body was placed in a pink dress inside a flower-draped casket during a funeral held at the City of Refuge, United Church of Christ, near Los Angeles.

The teen’s father, Juan Pablo Orellana Larenas, said his mother and he will never be able to recover from the trauma of losing their daughter in such a violent manner.


Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) programme at the School of Mass Communication, KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar.

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