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Watch: Pete Golding Hug Alabama Cheerleader Video Goes Viral, Rumors Explained

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There were several wonderful moments in the previous Alabama-Georgia football match. However, the post-match scene has caught the interest of many fans. The internet believes it’s Crimson Tide coach Pete Golding. After seeing a post-game video of a person hugging an Alabama cheerleader.

Pete Goldin & Alabama Cheerleader Video

Coach Pete was really not hugging or being hugged by a cheerleader. However, we can’t blame people for thinking it was him. Because the individual in the video certainly looks like the coach.
The man in the video that went viral was yet another coach named Jake Long. He came to Twitter shortly after the post-game footage was released to help clarify the discrepancy.

Jake is a Grad Student just at the University of Alabama, according to his Social media.  Jake addressed the issue in a Dec 5 tweet, writing. “That’s me boss, as well as my girlfriend Bragan. People always confuse me up with the boss man.”



Following the video going viral. Some football supporters resorted to Twitter to publicly humiliate and attack the coach. Claiming it was him throughout the video.

Many people were quick to express judgment. Since coach Pete had a spouse and kids. Fortunately, everything is now in order.

Jake, the man in the video, also mentioned how much he resembled Alabama’s Crimson Tide coach. In yet another tweet, he added, “Yeah it’s quite uncanny”. It was with a photo of them posing beside each other.

Alabama vs. Georgia Score

Georgia’s defense, the Godzilla group of the entire nationwide football season. They were attacked in such a way on Saturday. That that information gained over three months appeared to vanish in minutes. However, an Alabama offensive had moved from stagecoach to spacecraft in 7 days. But from the second quarter on. The defense of the year, if not the centuries, began to look deformed, malformed, and possibly exhausted.


The No. 1 Bulldogs will end the SEC national championship with one of the strangest sentences imaginable: shocked by Alabama. The 41-24 thrashing in front of 78,030 onlookers would indeed be Georgia’s sixth straight defeat. To Alabama in the last 14 seasons between neighbors who rarely meet.

Up until a moment, everything seemed fairly Georgian, and also that point occurred 4 seconds into the 2nd period. The Bulldogs had only just marched 97 yards in eight plays. When 6-foot-7 defensive back Darnell Washington leaped up to catch a five-yard score. Throw from Stetson Bennett for something like a 10-0 score.


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