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WATCH: Ezra Miller Threatening Ku Klux Klan in Instagram Video Goes Viral

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Ezra Miller

Instagram/Ezra Miller


Ezra Miller has posted a threatening post for the KKK and the video has gone viral on the internet. The Flash star Ezra has given a cryptic message to the Beulaville chapter of KKK group North Carolina. Not just that, even the real origin of Ezra Miller too has been swirling now on the internet. But what made Miller post such videos?

Well, just read ahead to know more about Ezra Miller and his threatening post to the KKK group.

Ezra Miller Viral Video With Cryptic Message

There’s one video of Ezra Miller that was posted by Miller himself to threaten the Beulaville chapter of North Carolina, KKK group. The video of Ezra can be heard with a message where he addresses the Ku Klax Klan group and asks them to kill themselves with their own gun.

The video has then gone viral on the internet. Miller also said the video to be a serious one and not to be taken as any joke. The reason for posting such threatening messages hasn’t been revealed yet.

Ezra Miller’s Origin

Along with the viral video of Ezra Miller on the internet, there’s one more fact swirling on the internet that says a lot about Ezra’s origin. Ezra Miller has however himself said about his origin in one of the interviews.

Ezra Miller went on to say that his father was from a Jewish family while his mother wasn’t a Jew. However, he calls himself as a Jew only despite the law of Judaism not agreeing to it. Yet it seems that the video posted by him has nothing to do with his origin and family.

Fans Reacted To The Viral Video Of Ezra Miller

Fans were really quick to give their reaction to Ezra Miller’s threatening video. Some of the fans were shocked to see Ezra Miller giving threatening messages to KKK while no one knows about the reason that compelled him to do so. Many of the fans however made fun of the cryptic message by Ezra. The video of Ezra has however got numerous views the moment it was posted.

Ezra Miller
Screenshot From Ezra Miller Video

Moreover, Ezra himself hasn’t mentioned any reason he why posted such a message. Neither anything has been posted by the KKK group giving their reaction on the Miller video. On the professional background though, Ezra Miller is to appear in the movie The Flash which is reportedly releasing this year.


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