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WATCH: Carole Baskin’s TikTok song about killing missing husband goes viral

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Carole Baskin’s TikTok video has her dancing to killing missing husband song that’s going viral everywhere. After making her way back on social media, what Carole shocked everyone with was her tiktok song that has her singing she killed her missing husband. But what’s the story around Carole Baskin’s missing husband?

Read ahead to know more about Carole Baskin and her new TikTok trend singing she killed her missing husband.

Carole Baskin rose to fame with Tiger King series

Carole Baskin who is the American activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue rose to fame with the Tiger King series. While her life always remained a centre of attraction. Her most infamous incident happened to be the missing of her husband Don Lewis.

Though, the mystery around Don Lewis still remains to be the same. Her fued with the Zookeeper Joe Exotic got covered in the Netflix series Tiger King. Though, despite stories around her husband’s disappearance. There’s her new TikTok video making everyone shocked. Not to forget she has appeared in many other shows like Dancing With The Stars as she danced on Eye of The Tiger as a contestant at the show.

Carole Baskin dances on TikTok video singing she killed her missing husband

If you haven’t checked out the video of Baskin yet, you must see it. While Carole Baskin arrived back on social media what grabbed the attention of all was her TikTok video. In the TikTok video Carole Baskin can been seen with two more women as the song by Brooklyn Charles “Savage: Tiger King Edition” plays.

While the song has Charles singing about “Carole Baskin killed her husband/ whacked him”. Baskin alongside dancing with other two women says “No, I didn’t”. Meanwhile, the video of her has ever since then got millions of views and is still going viral.


Netizens reaction to the Carole Baskin TikTok video

While there remains lots of story about the missing of Don Lewis, Exotic claimed that Baskin killed her husband and feed them to tigers. It was claimed by Baskin earlier that her husband was alive in Costa Rica, however it was never proved.

Meanwhile, netizens have watched the TikTok video of Baskin, and many of them reacted negatively on it. Also, the video is going viral everywhere and it continues to grow with the views on internet.


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