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Watch: Bing Bong Tiktok Viral Song Trend, Original Video

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Bing Bong



The latest trend on Tik Tok called Bing Bong has gone wildly viral. The trend is about telling the accomplishments to loved ones who have already passed away. The trend is very emotional and makes people cry hard.

Some people showed that they graduated college, some about how they are raising their children without a partner, how they got rid of drug addiction, and how some got freed of abusive relationships. Many users of TikTok are dedicating it to their demised parents, partners, friends, and loved ones.

Bing Bong TikTok Trend Explained

As mentioned above, in the trend people tell their accomplishments to their deceased loved ones. The video has pictures of the loved ones and messages for them. One video that is of the BingBong trends has more than 30.3 million views. In this video, Breanna Wainscott shows that she lost her partner just a little while later she gave birth to their baby.

@breannawainscott I fucking hate this app 🥲 #RIP #TargetHalloween #MakeItCinematic #ouch ♬ Originalton – ✨Antonia✨

This trend as far as now only has positive reactions. Many people are sharing their emotional stories through this trend.

Is the Trend Related To New York Knicks Slang?

The Bing Bing TikTok trend is not related to the New York Knicks Slang. The one-second video in which Knicks fans say Bing Bong has gone viral on social media. This funny video has more than 5.8 million views. The phrase ‘bing bing’ plugged-in Knicks fans as they were so excited about the return of basketball. This was reported by the complex.

The viral young boy is 26 years old. He is currently living in Greenwich village. Mostly everyone now calls him the Bing Bong guy. He has been recognized socially a number of times now.


Original Video of the Bing Bong Tiktok

The original video of this TikTok is from the Disney Pixar animated film of 2015 called Inside Out. He was Riley’s bestie who just existed in her own mind.

@tonis_movies_editzz TaKe HeR tO tHe MoOn FoR mE🥺💕#allesstehtkopfedit #saveriley #foryou #foryopage ♬ Originalton – ✨Antonia✨

In the video clip, the main character that is Bing Bong sacrifices himself in a quick moment of self-realization. When another character, named Joy, finds out what Bing did he says his last words. His words were, “take her to the moon for me okay?”. After this, it is shown that Bing Bong starts to fade away. This means that he was being forgotten.


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