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Voice Actor Nicolas Cantu Sparks Internet Buzz with Edgy Memes and Feud with Minecraft YouTuber Dream

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Nicolas Cantu

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Nicolas Cantu, a popular kids’ TV show voice actor, has a conflict with YouTuber Dream, and you might not be aware of it. Well, both Dream and Nicolas Cantu have been popular in their respective fields, gathering a significant number of fans. However, many of you may not know much or anything about Nicolas Cantu. So, who is he?

Read ahead to know more about kids’ TV star Nicolas Cantu who has a beef with YouTuber Dream and here’s what happened between them.

Who is Nicolas Cantu?

There are plenty of popular growing stars in the era of social media, many of whom you may not know. Nicolas Cantu is one of them. Cantu is best known as an edgy meme poster who is also recognized as a voice actor that has worked on several kids’ TV shows.


Nicolas Cantu has lent his voice to the 2016 spin-off of Dora the Explorer. His performance in the 2022 Steven Spielberg-led production, The Fabelmans, is also widely recognized. Additionally, he has appeared in popular shows like The Walking Dead: World Beyond and many others.

Nicolas Cantu’s Beef with YouTuber Dream

While we have Nicolas Cantu as one of the popular artists, he also has his fair share of conflicts with other artists on the internet. One such conflict is known to exist between him and YouTuber Dream. While everyone is well aware of the Minecraft star Dream, the beef between Dream and Cantu is not known to many.

It all came into the limelight when Cantu insulted a parody account of Dream, which ultimately led the latter to share a lot about Cantu. Even claiming that Cantu physically attacked Dream, after which he also verbally assaulted an Uber driver.


More about the beef of Dream and Nicolas Cantu

Cantu’s beef with Dream even led the former to attack the character of Dream. Meanwhile, all of these spats didn’t stop happening in public, making many aware of the beef that existed between them.

Netizens, though in the past few days, haven’t heard anything from both parties. But that doesn’t hint at the end of their beef. Not to forget, there are many social media personalities who share a strained relationship with one another, making it a topic of discussion for their fans on social media.


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