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Viral Video of a Dog Supporting Homeless Man by Hugging Him Made Everyone Emotional

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Recently a viral video has made everyone realize that why dogs are considered to be the loveliest pet on this planet. Their love is pure and immortal for humans. In the video, that is attracting people’s attention on social media, a golden Labrador is seen approaching a homeless guy.

That homeless guy was sitting on the street and was later accompanied by the dog. The guy was in pain and then an emotional situation occurred when the dog hugged him. That hug was great support from the dog’s side as the homeless guy needed it the most.

Both of them snuggled for a long time and needed the love for generating hope of goodness. This video has made everyone emotional and people are stating that “we don’t deserve dogs” on social media.

This video was shared on Twitter from the account of a Twitter user named Buitengebieden. He added a caption for this video that says, “this dog approaches a homeless man and seems to know what he needs”. The video has gained more than 7.47 Lakh views and around 40,000 likes.

Currently, it is trending on Twitter and Are you sure several times over different social media platforms as well. People from all over the world are appreciating the dog’s love for the homeless guy who was sitting in pain.


Twitter’s Reaction on The Viral Video

People are sharing their views after seeing this lovely video on the Internet. One person said that “We don’t deserve dogs”.

Meanwhile, another person just commented, “actually I think this is something that needs to be seen for two reasons. First and foremost, an example is that homeless are still people in need of love and affection. Secondly… to show animals are awesome and love unconditionally.”

One Twitter user wrote, “speaking from experience, there are very few things in life better than an animal offering compassion and love in their hugs. Their love is pure and selfless and we are all the better for experiencing it.”

“When the dog is kinder than this fellow man, This is why I love dogs. They have no pretense, they are just genuine creatures of nature; Who feel and love, just like you and I do” Another Twitter user stated.

One person also shared his experience of why he can relate to the dog in the video. He said, “the pup saw him. Just like my dog does every time we pass someone who is homeless. Don’t look away, see them. Say good morning. It’s so simple to treat someone who is down as a human. Please do it.”


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