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Viral Video: B2K’s Raz B Dramatic Hospital Escape Raises Concerns About Safety

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Raz B

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Raz B, an American singer, has gone viral on social media after breaking the window and climbing onto the roof of Kansas City Hospital. The incident occurred on May 25 after the 37-year-old celebrity posted a video on his Instagram handle in a frightened state where he stated he did not feel safe. The musician said he was fighting for his life in a Hilton hotel in Kansas City. In addition, he provided the location of the hospital where he would prefer to undergo the procedure rather than here. At 10:20 a.m. on May 25, police arrived at Saint Luke’s Hospital amid a heated argument.

A hospital security guard and off-duty police reportedly contacted them after learning about the incident. Raz was also alerted to the fire department due to concerns that he might jump off the edge. There were mats laid out on the building as negotiators were summoned. Raz B reappeared through the window shortly after disappearing and received medical attention. Raz B’s erratic behaviour follows his recantation of his former manager’s and cousin’s child molestation allegations. His former manager Chris Stokes was accused of child molestation by Raz B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, in a since-deleted Instagram post. According to news outlet Parle, Raz shared an old photo of him and Stokes.


Chris Stokes Did What To Raz B? A B2K Singer Lands In Trouble After Jumping Off A Hospital Roof In Controversy

According to TMZ, the incident took place on May 25 after the 37-year-old posted an Instagram video in a frightened state saying he wasn’t safe. According to the musician, he was fighting for his life in a Hilton hotel in Kansas City. According to him, he didn’t want to undergo the procedure here, and he provided the hospital address. At 10:20 a.m. on May 25, police officers arrived at Saint Luke’s Hospital to deal with the situation. They were contacted by off-duty police and hospital security after learning about the incident. The fire department was also alerted since Raz was concerned that he might jump off the edge. As negotiators were summoned, mats were laid on the ground. Raz B reappeared through the window after a brief disappearance and was given medical attention. After recanting the child molestation allegations against his former manager and cousin, Chris Stokes, Raz B has displayed erratic behaviour. Raz B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, retracted the allegations he had made against his former manager Chris Stokes on May 20. Parle reports Raz posted an old photo of himself and Stokes with the caption: “I’m a made man!”

The truth is out – mature grown DeMario after countless counselling sessions. They used and abused me like a rag doll by using and abusing me like a bro brother, and others! I was a mess by the time my cousin took custody of me. Despite the fact that he was not my enemy, I took out all of my frustration, anger, and pain from my past on him, and I never understood why. Despite the fact that B2K broke up and he was no longer in my life, Chris was always my protector, my peace, and my friend to me. According to Raz, he should have exposed other “monsters” in his life who forced him to do things he didn’t want to do instead of accusing Chris. Raz previously accused Stokes of abusing him and his brother when they were children. Stokes later denied the allegations against his cousin in a statement to MTV, which the Take It to the Floor singer brought forward in 2007. According to Raz B, Stokes was accused of sexual abuse as early as 2010 and a conversation between him and Quindon Tarver was recorded. Stokes remained adamant in his stance, saying Raz was just upset because he was not providing him with financial support. According to an Instagram video posted by the now-37-year-old singer, he was asked to be silent by cease-and-desist letters. In an Instagram live session, he stated that he would “spend every dollar” to ensure justice.


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