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Viral TikToks of Diesel Trucks on Fire Spark Controversy with Fake Joe Biden Clip

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TikTok has been flooded with some clips that are shocking to see as it shows Diesel trucks on fire having its connection with President Joe Biden as well. Although, TikTok isn’t always having videos that can be trusted. However, some of the clips do grab users’ attention. But what’s the video of diesel trucks on fire with Joe Biden clip of TikTok all about?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok getting videos of diesel trucks on fire with Joe Biden clips going viral.

TikTok surfaces videos of diesel trucks on fire

With the growing number of users each day on TikTok. The platform has become a center of attraction with its content. So many videos surface on TikTok every minute and you can’t even find if they can be trusted or not.

Well, one such video that has been grabbing everyone’s attention is of diesel trucks on fire. Not just that, an old clip of President Joe Biden was used too to prove that diesel trucks were really unsafe and have been catching fire or blowing up.


However, before you actually believe what’s been put on TikTok. You must try to know if the videos are even authentic or not.


😢 sorry to everyone losing thier trucks recently. Really didnt think it was a big deal, but now it seems like a lot of these older diesel trucks are catching on fire right as the EPA is cracking down on diesels. Something isnt adding up.

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The reality behind the viral clips of Joe Biden and diesel trucks catching fire

Although you may have come across the videos showing many diesel trucks on fire. The videos have not been of something that happened recently. Rather it was some old videos of a diesel truck on fire that resurfaced with Joe Biden’s video attached to it.

One of the video speeches of Joe Biden from 2019 too circulated in context with the videos of diesel trucks on fire making it seem a real issue of the present.

In the viral Biden video, he was talking about the need to switch to electric vehicles to put a break on vehicles with emissions that can harm the planet. However, the two videos of diesel trucks and Joe Biden isn’t connected to each other.


Users’ Reaction to TikTok’s viral video of diesel trucks catching fire

Although some of the users have been shocked to see the videos of diesel trucks on fire thinking their vehicles too might be at risk. The claims on TikTok videos showing Joe Biden’s speech connected with the diesel trucks on fire were simply a kind of prank.

Some of the users even believed the videos or images of trucks on fire were photoshopped. Many users even commented about the authenticity of the videos. Moreover, you must really look after the videos. To know if they are fake or real before believing it or forwarding it to other users.


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