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Video shows Conor McGregor’s bathroom interaction with rape accuser

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Conor McGregor

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As per reports, a video has been obtained that shows Conor McGregor talking with his rape accuser and also leading her into a bathroom.

Here is everything you need to know.

Conor McGregor is seen taking his rape accuser in the bathroom

TMZ recently obtained a video of Conor McGregor taking the alleged rape victim into a bathroom, where she claimed he sexually assaulted her.

Moreover, the clip seems to be recorded around midnight on 10th June inside the Kaseya Center in Miami. 

In addition, it is reportedly filmed after the Nuggets defeated the Heat in NBA Finals Game 4 on 9th June.

Subsequently, in the video we can see the professional athlete, dressed in a black t-shirt, leaving the restroom area to talk with a woman, wearing a white shirt.

The footage then proceeds to show the two exchanging a few words before McGregor takes her hand and leads them inside a bathroom.


Additionally, it includes three men also donned in black outfits, supposedly security guards, standing outside while the door shuts.

They took their position in a manner that would stop anyone from entering or exiting the bathroom easily.

Conor McGregor is accused of sexually assaulting a woman

Conor McGregor is facing sexual assault allegations after a woman came forward to claim that he raped her in an arena’s bathroom.

Additionally, Ariel Mitchell, the lawyer of the alleged victim, sent a demand letter to McGregor, the NBA as well as the Miami Heat security to seek a settlement in place of legal action.

Mitchell said in a statement, ‘My client was under the belief they were leaving and going to the Four Seasons Hotel, as Conor had previously asked her to join him at his hotel room.’

She concluded, ‘The man with the braids then stopped at the door of the bathroom when Conor grabbed my client (as seen in the video). My client believed they were leaving, but instead, Conor took her into the restroom.’

She added, ‘My client remembers having no less than six drinks that night and has admitted the parts she recalls.’

The attorney went on to state, ‘My client did not even recall who led her into the restroom until seeing this video.’

The team of the MMA fighter on the other hand said that the allegations against him are completely false.

They claimed, ‘Mr. McGregor will not be intimidated.’

The Heat also released a statement saying, ‘We are aware of the allegations and are conducting a full investigation.’


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